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  1. Hey guys! I have just started developing an FPS game of my own, FROM SCRATCH. All mapping/ modelling was done by myself, but I used open source textures (I'm not much of a texture artist.)NOTE: I also took some buildings from Urban Environment kit. All of the game was written by me, and I'm currently developing in unity FREE. So lacking image effects, I tried to really improve on the graphics using custom shaders and flares. Here's some screenshots and a vid showing my game in action! (This is the first update of my game, so it's still in really early stages of development.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-x0qVnPcgA Vid of my game in action!
  2. aaamanaaa


    The tilt is too much in my opinion.
  3. Yea, in bf4 a building is destroyed, crushing the enemy team, while destruction is taking place.. Meanwhile in COD, the fish move out of the way! Sounds very advanced...
  4. It's always been COD at the top of the market. I know this isn't a gaming forum, but I'm assuming much of you developers are gamers as well, and many of you are interested in the fps genre, so I wanted to hear your opinion... This year, I have a feeling that Battlefield 4 will dominate the market. It looks stunning! COD Ghosts just looks like MW3 in my opinion. any thoughts? CoD: Ghosts Gameplay and Explanation: BF4 Gameplay:
  5. Wow haha glad to hear that and thanks for the warm welcoming!
  6. Hey guys! I would've liked to tell me looong boring story of how I stumbled upon this forum, but long story short, it was all because of my fascination of videogames since childhood. Anyway, Hi, I'm Alec Markarian and i'm a young, ambitious unity 3d Game developer, still in my early stages in the video game industry. I have a youtube channel primarily for tutorials and gaming so be sure to check that out! I try to provide simplicity in my tutorials for my audience, and i always provide you with free stuff! (I just copied and pasted this from my site, and OH, DID I MENTION that I could be lazy at times? Anyways, with all seriousness, I really have a passion for videogames, and game developing mainly FPS games if i were to choose a genre of game. I dont really 'Specialize" In 1 main thing, I tend to do lots of 3d Modelling, and a fair amount of scripting (I'm still in learning process) and I thought that joining this community might help with my learning process.. I am also pretty good in editing/ art/ video editing and commercializing. Anyway, BlackStorm introduced me to this forum, as he is working on a COD style FPS kit, and generously sent me some tests of his kit so I could pub vids on my YT channel, and hopefully help in selling his awesome kit. OH! BEFORE YOU LEAVE CHECK THESE LINKS OUT! My Youtube Channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/misterninjaboy Mah Web Site -http://misterninjaboy.webs.com/ And yea, thanks for reading this, I look forward to meting everyone and someday in the near future make an awesome FPS game that will kick COD's little ass (lol i ain't a bf fanboy, but I think BF4 will outsell COD Ghosts.. just my opinion
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