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  1. PlanB (FPS Project)

    Got back to game development. Here is a video on the current progress of the game:
  2. Another new guy

    welcome to the comminity good for us there is a huge community behind the unity3d engine offering lots and lots of tutorials. for the beginning the official website and documentation are a great way to start. I have also discovered a yt channel just with a little more advanced stuff (since you have programming experience you might also check this one out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp_SOgsRYdLfIEWLjM62ZJg) Enjoy your stay
  3. How to Look Behind like in Outlast game ?

    havent had the time to read through the other answers so im sorry if this was already posted. But it looks like you should check if the camera was already moved backwards. My soultion would be sth. like this: bool isLookingBack = false; function Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q) && !isLookingBack){ transform.Rotate(Vector3.up,180); //When i press Q, the camera will rotate should be rotate 180° isLookingBack = true; } if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.Q) && isLookingBack){ transform.Rotate(Vector3.up,-180); // When I dont press Q, the camera will rotate back to normal posisition isLookingBack = false; } }
  4. Problem with Casting Shadows

    you could remove the weapon camera and fix the clipping problem with a custom shader. Moving the Weapon camera to another position than the main camera in an fps could actually result in the shading of the weapon and agle looking a little off, so you might not loose too much with this method. Also why do you want to have the shadows? if the weapon has arms without body attached to it the shaddow would just look wierd. But you could add a full body 3d model just for the shaddows (which would result in the same problem tho.) But dont worry I do think that this might be a helpful solution: Good luck i hope i was able to help you out
  5. Delirious Devon (Pre Alpha Tech Demo) Test

    i really like this one ^^
  6. Godot

    I have never tried Godot but from what i have seen Godot is not as featured as Unity yet and there doesnt seem to be a huge performance difference for simple scenes. Yes optimization is a problem but thats a problem in any game engine and unity gives you some neat tools to help you debug(optimize your project. Whats really cool about Godot is that its open source, so you can modify engine components. (In unity you could use a .net decompiler to write your own version of those but can be kind of messy) If your are looking for a more powerful and by default "better looking" engine i would suggest you to check out the cryengine 5. Its open source and once you understand it it is actually pretty easy to use. Cons for cryengine is that you woud have to learn c++ its very different to unity in terms of content management etc. and the community is rather small so less tutorials etc. If you just think about godot i would say unity wins the race any day (except for the licening)
  7. Does anyone else have this glitch?

    go to lighting and under ambient lighting or sth like that the default setting is set to skybox change that to solid color -> black and it should be normal
  8. What's Your Favourite Song?

    YOLO - Band Maid
  9. Shadows and Shading

    there are actually a lot of situations that could cause this to happen. Some ways to fix this are: If you have bad geometry -> fix in blender: -manually fix geometry in problem zones. -try modifiers like rebuild geometry / triangulate etc. shader in unity: -bake a normal map in blender from a high poly model to support correct lighting on details -search the asset store for a cartoon/anime shader those are sometimes better with lighting lowpoly objects correctly -different file formats seem to hold different amount of information (so try .fbx for egs. seems to have the highest quality)
  10. camera effect help

    from which game is it ? if its a unity game you can grab your favourite .net decompiler and have look how they made it. If you mean the standing up animation there are two ways to do it: -change the transform of the camera using a monobehavior class (have a look at omas fps kit. i think he uses this to do the crouching proning) you will also have to programmaticly change the rotation as well. -grab your favourite animation programm like blender and animate a object to have the movement you want for your camere. Than import that into unity/ disable the renderer of the object and attach the camera as a child of that object and than script a condition on which the animation is played If you mean the Image effects of the camera have a look at the unity post processing stack. It has nearly every image effect you will ever need and is easy to set up and on top of that not very expensive on resources
  11. Script Freezing unity help!

    Can you please tell us what the problem was ? im curious
  12. How to properly save a List and load it (Inventory)

    use xenoprefs https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/91971 its made by me and works like playerprefs / saves to file and encrypts data and its also free and comes with full source access
  13. How to properly save a List and load it (Inventory)

    dont use playerprefs to save your inventory XD that would mess up the registry bigtimes
  14. How to properly save a List and load it (Inventory)

    //First of all the Saving mechanism: //String where the output will be attached: string output = null; //Loop through your list for (int i=0; i < Inventory.Count; i++){ output += Inventory[i].ToString() + "\n"; } //You need to define a ToString Method in your item class File.WriteAllText(".\\Inventory\\Save.ivt",output); //Now for the Loading if (!File.Exist(".//Inventory//Save.ivt")){ return; } //read everything from the savefile: else{ string[] loadedSave = File.ReadAllLines(".//Inventory//Save.ivt"); //do sth. with the loaded Text: for (int i = 0; i < loadeSave.Length; i++){ addToInventory(loadedSave[i]); } } // now you just need to add a method addInventory, thats takes the item name as an argument I know its kind of incomplete ... also make sure you import the dependecies for the File class (should be System.Io if im not mistaken) Hope this helped X)
  15. Script Freezing unity help!

    for me the only time that happened was when i used an infinity loop exaple: hi: //to jam it even faster we use this call the loop again. while(true){ //do something expensive this.getComponent<SomeComponent>().MethodCall("Expensive argument"); goto hi; } Since i cant spot any infinity loops in your script and also didnt saw any other problems when i had a quick look at it. I would assume that there is maybe another script that causes the problem. I also didnt get why you had to restart your pc. Didnt killing the unity process work ?