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  1. i did that but i will do it again .... so hopefully that will fix it thanks for the help
  2. hmmm thought i did so ... nvm. ill try to fix it Edit: oh well syntax highlights are gone but better that before (Y)
  3. uploaded to Mega ... dont know what happened there
  4. Hey guys i wanted to save some stuff in game but i really hate to use PlayerPrefs since it stores all data in the Registry. So this is what i came up with: The Main Script: How to Use: Editor Window: Here is how the EditorWindow Looks like: Hope you guys enjoy this Edit: Looks like the formating got messed up so i uploaded The scripts as .unitypackage :!8J1x0D6L!9ip4oBlBq_ifJ4Udt-EdG4zayYnDZL2-8GzIH_LjD1Y Edit: Formating fixed well ill still leave the link to the unitypackage online
  5. Albedo Texture bleeding fixed, the new texture is here: enjoy
  6. I know this topic old and im sry towake it up ;P but this is some really great music right there and i wanted to inform you that the track "Kill the Bich" will be used in my game. Thank you for this awesome track dude (Y)
  7. actually i wondered about that too. for me the most important thing is scaleability and both of them seem to be more or less limited in client size ... so if anyone could suggest a solution that allowes massive scaleability i would really appreciate it right now im using my own little solution written in C# ... it works okay, but even tho i really had the focus to send as little data as possible it seams not thaat scaleable .... starts having issues and massive lags at about 70 clients
  8. pretty neat (Y) - when they get scared they might stay in air a little longer and might fly away a liitle further - when they fly greater distances in the final game they would probably organize after some time in air (typically V - shaped) - they usually dont stay all in exatly the same area as long they are close enough to see/comunicate with each other and switch back and forth between 2 ore more near locations (like trees bushes) as it can be seen here : but other than that i think you did a really good job there ind i think for a comic/stylized game like yours your bird ai is more than enough (i mean look at the animal ais of aaa games ... they are actually worse) and it looks pretty smooth and natural
  9. -They come with albedo and normal map -Textures have 4096x4096 px resolution (they are not that detailed tho. better size them down in in unity do about half or even quater) -They have a minor issue with bleeding on the seems (that might get fixed and ill upload a new albedo) -they are around ~7,400 tris -free for any kind of use ( but credit me ) here is a shitty render i made really quick: Download:!cUMTwDKI!3lV_qaVo1WqFJ9fFMlbOPsVDzIPTgW_7vQDCapE5KV4 Password for the Zip is: Hope you like it EDIT: Albedo Texture bleeding fixed, the new texture is here: enjoy Note: the texture will be redetailed soon so it uses the full potential of the 4k texture i would still recommend to resize it to 2k in unity tho
  10. pls. tell us more specific what kind of script you need (where do you need help with) "I need a script to take an object and put it next to another" i dont understand exactly what you want by just that sentence by just providing this little information and a download link without any screenshots etc. nobody will download or will help you out still good luck p.s. seriously dude "" couldnt you just use a normal filesharing service XD
  11. as you already saied you could animate the uvs of the texture, that could be done in blender 4 egs and exported as animated .fbx ... depending on the shape of your model and overall complexety it might be hard to make it look good ... still with animating uvs i did an animated river and it looked pretty good, but it was very simple shape and very low poly good luck also this looks pretty interesting
  12. oh thanks didn't know there is such an easy solution anyways i would still like to know why it doesnt use the origin position, so i can export the models correctly next time.
  13. Hey guys i do have a problem. I exported an animated Model from blender and imported it into unity. There is only one problem the position of the model is the start frame of an animation, but i want it to have its "normal" unanimated position. I also have an animation "origin" that sets the model into its original position, that only works when in play mode. This is what i get by default, when im not in play mode: this is what i want to get by default, but i only get it when the animation was played (in play mode): i do really hope you can help me out Thanks for your help :*
  14. that is called leet speak or (1337) and was used by hackers so the messages cant be found when searching for keywords (eg. search request: "Bomb" actual word used: "B0 mb" or sth. simular) so the idea of using 1337 is actually to confuse and to not to be found by automatic search requests. By saying that i think it wont fit in to any game since your goal in a game is normally to make things clear and easy to understand for players. Anyways there might be exeptions since clearness depends on the audience. An audience for a spy/hacking etc. game might be used to 1337 and most likely still find it easy and clear ps. sory for my bad english ... but im actualy to lazy right now to correct all mistakes
  15. hey, i want to hear your honest opinion about my weapon animations. I know they are not perfect and will be polished soon. Im planning to put them into my game do you think they have potential to work out in a FPS Game ?