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  1. Seems like instatiating loads of stuff will cause the network manager to pass XD ... instatiated about 20 different objects at a time ... ~200 total objects and the network manager just thew an exeption and stopped working. Ill try to replicate it and post the exact error here, but this might have been due to setting it up the wrong way, since im not used to it
  2. Update: Forge is actually pretty easy to use but really dont like how things get instantiated. And also the network manager just breakes sometimes :/
  3. Thank you i think ill have a look at this. If one would write a server in java it would also be cross platform and from c# to java shouldnt be that hard
  4. fixed some problems XD ... new Texture .png:
  5. there are so many solutions out there to choose from my rquirements: -used for a fps so it should update fast -should be able to handle 100+ cc -should have a dedicated server structure -easy to use and fast to implement my favourites atm. are: Tnet (!/content/56798): pros: -very simmular to raknet -very fast -can handle ~200cc -external dedicated server -source access -really nice ducumentation cons: -server build in .net (i have a ubuntu server) -high price Forge Networking ( pros: -can be implemented very fast -free (even open source in fact) -can handle many cc cons: -very little is documented -server is graphical (Unity build) pls. help me decide XD i really dont know what route to take you can also name other solutions you find fitting my project Thanks for helping me out
  6. I was unable to find good free for commercial use sniper scope textures so created my own one: png: .PSD Download:!8Y8WCJbC!W2uaE7lmcWxqPesJsRM_HELsuIXogbcTLRiZEINHO8U password for the zip is: License: Creative Commons 0 (Information: In short: you can do what you want with it! Hope you enjoy this XD Edit: make sure to mark the texture as editor gui/ legacy GUI
  7. Sure, i was planning to do so anyways edit: uploaded a video but its very long XD the pathfinding test starts at 5min or so (notice that i didnt put an idle animation insted im looping the spawn animation XD) dont know whats up with the scaling of the vido
  8. Here is a pretty simple ZombieAi Script i made to make use of Unitys NavMesh It should be pretty easy to set up ( your player should have be tagged as: "Player" and you might also want to change the line where damage is delt to fit ur project)
  9. Hey, if i got this correctly this works like a guestbook right ? Anyways i just wanted to let you know that im really thankful for the great code OC has submitted to this forum. OcularCash is a skilled coder and always lends a helping hand for those who reach for it. Thanks to him i was able to solve quite some problems so far. Keep being the way you are! (Y)

  10. there is not only the bugged rotations (or transform in general as you saied) its also not able to cancle unity animations properly for some odd reason. lets say you cancel the animation by just disabeling the gameobject (for egs. weapon switching) once you come back to the weapon the animation is still in the state where the object was disabled so you have to reset the animation in a monobehavior. i know thats not a big deal but it is another comand that takes some resources. also there are many smaller bugs that can annoy you but arent really a big deal so i dont mention them here. tbh. since unity 3 or 4 i really rarely touched the animation window since i try to do all animations in blender so it might have been improved
  11. easiest way is how OC saied it but there are a lot of ways to do it : - mentioned methode (backdraw you have to use unity to animate the sway) -if you use the same rig for the arms for all weapons you can create one animation for all weapons and apply the animation in unity to all weapons (pro: you can have a more detailed animation, no unity animation bugs since you animate in blender con: detailed animations might look wierd on different weapon, little bit harde to set up correctly) -you can use mecanim to use the same animation on different rigs with the same structure (dont ask me how tho. i only use the legacy animation system)
  12. got one really good deck of playing cards and 3 really cheap ones i use mainly if we go traveling or to try card throwing. i also got a lot of yu-gi-oh cards and some quiz cards from my childhood (yu-gi-oh is still fun tho XD) . Almost forgot i got a deck with animals prined on them XD (king -> lion, etc.). all of my palying card decks consist of 52 cards each (no jokers)
  13. script

    can you tell us what error it showes in the console ? guess: -try replacing "transform.localPosition" with "this.transform.position" -also i think that you dont need to change the local transform at all since the change of the fov already gives you a pretty solid zoom effect and changing the camera position could lead to clipping problems
  14. to me the scaling looks pretty okay (cant see the actual room for the passengers of the zeppelin tho.) zeppelins actually tend to appear massive since they fly using only gas with a smaller desity than air to fly. so just assume you wanted to get in the air using only airballoons those balloons would have to have a massive volume to compensate for your body density (which is much higher than air). what i was trying to say is: it looks believeable to me
  15. The idea isnt to assign 2 different types but to decide at runtime which type to assign, so the variable will only have one type