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  1. Hello guys, I have a problem :/

    First of all this should be posted in the "need help" section. Now to the 2nd point: we dont know your project. How should we know how you programmed that? So now... im gonna assume your talking about the FPS KIT by oma? As far as i know there should be a manager objects with a Player spawner component or sth. simmular. Just search the project for scripts and i think you can guess by the name of the script which one is for spawning the player. In scene you can find the spawner object by searching for "t:Scriptname". And for the enemy part there is a FPS KIT tutorial section on this forum where you can find topics like this: Note that the links/topics might be outdated. You might have to do some searching there but im sure you ll be able to find this information pretty fast on this forum. Good luck
  2. Bullet Penetration

    have a look at this: https://www.indiedb.com/games/wilderness/features/bullet-pentration
  3. Doors with collision detection

    if you want it to stop before the collision actually happens you can do the sam thing, just move the colliders a bit, so they are sligtly bigger than the door and make them triggers and use "OnTriggerEnter()" instead. but it would actually come down to the same thing you wont notice any difference in the actual game
  4. Doors with collision detection

    i think "OnCollisionEnter()" is ment for that. Docs: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Collider.OnCollisionEnter.html So would just do sth. like: bool bIsRotating = false; void Rotate(){ while(bIsRotating){ //rotate(open door) } } void OnCollisionEnter(/*i think it takes some args just put em in here*/){ bIsRotating = false; } Yeah... sth. like that. I believe leaving it like that could cause some problems but it should give you a general idea. In the actual game i think it would be a good idea to have 2 colliders. One for the inside and one for the outside of the door, that way the player opening the door and pushing against it wont stop the rotation of the door but sth. hiting the outside of the door would. Dont know if this was helpful or not... but that would be a really fast n simple turn to it
  5. Dust 2 Cs Go

    is it really made by you? I dont want to offend you or anything but it looks like a ripped model from cs to me. Just note that sharing ripped models would be illegal and i do also think oma doesnt support it. If it is really made by you: really good job on the model and especially the textures. Add some finish with good lighting and normal maps etc. and it would be perfect (a little bit low res tho.)
  6. 30Gb of free Sounds

    Yeah basicly everything youll ever need completely for free: https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc18/ enjoy
  7. GitHub/Microsoft

    there are other great git solutions out there... Dont get me wrong im also sceptical about this but i think it will remain free for open source projects as it is right now. Github makes enough off closed source projects i dont think microsoft will change that. But i think there will be stricter policies (to prevent malware sharing etc.)
  8. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    jup thats true i just recently updated the package. Im afraid you have to update your engine
  9. FPS KIT 1.6 with XenoPrefs

    Hey, i was asked to show how my asset (XenoPrefs ... check it out its free) would work with the new FPS KIT 1.6 by OMA (this kit is really awseome) original kit here:
  10. Unity as a full dev tool

    have searched for it but havent found it :/ but in a dokumentation series called "Darknet" i found one scenario where they use it to simulate crimes and mesure the brain activity of criminals. also i have found this: but they use unreal or sth. not unity ... but sth. simular does exist with unity as well. and also ive watched a dukumentation on youtube where they used unity for taktical planning stuff (cant find it :() (The Doku Series "Darknet" can be found on netflix its from 2016 and is in general pertty interesting... on episode 3 (11:00) u can spot unity beeing used to run the animation in the backround. Also Sweetie from the youtube video i linked above gets mentioned later on in this episode) I will try to find the dokumentation where unity was used for tactial planning
  11. Unity as a full dev tool

    Unity is actually used by police to simulate scenarios. Its also used to simulate young girls to track down child molesters. And ive seen its also used for ai research to test and visualize algos
  12. try Krita, its free and honestly its truely amazing and can work with psd files ... also a big update is on the way https://krita.org/en/
  13. Blender terrain to unity ?

    edit: how to delete a comment?
  14. when to use "Mesh.CombineMeshes" ?

    (dont know if this is the right section, its (kinda offtopic and) more like a dicussion) Hey guys i have a question about when to use Mesh.CombineMeshes. (https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Mesh.CombineMeshes.html) I do know how, what it does and also why one should use it... but i would assume, that you get better performance when you leave bigger objects seperated, cause of unitys culling systems. If the geometry is one mesh unity is forced to render it.... So i questioned myself: When should i use "Mesh.CombineMeshes" then? Obviously it is used for optimization... i just cant decide when it would actually help? From what im guessing: - it is useful for small objects and other objects that would be visable at the same time (for example one room interior combined into one mesh) - not so useful for terrain stuff and other (bigger) things that would have a negative influence to the culling Am i right with my assumption here? Anyone got experience with this? What kind of performance buff can i expect? Any other related thoughts to this? please let me know Thanks for your help
  15. Blender terrain to unity ?

    not sure, but you could export the heightmap information from blender by baking a hightmap from the terrain on to a plain... you might have to use a custom cage for that and use xnormal instead of the build in blender baker... but then you should be able to use that hight map to generate a terrain from it in unity edit: my way might actually be not the way to go ^^ but i found this method here: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Tutorials/Textures/Maps/Creating_a_Heightmap_from_a_Plane