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  1. First-Person-Arms Free

    Hi, do you still have the textures for the hands ?
  2. Can i share your ak12 with my animation to armedunity ?

  3. Modern Russian Assault Rifle (AK-12)

    Can i share this ak12 with my animation to armedunity ?
  4. Kriss Vector

  5. For Non-Commercial Use Animation List : - Draw - Holster - Idle - Inspect - Reload - Empty Reload - Shoot 1,2,3 Download Links : - Animation - Mediafire , Google Drive - Hands - Kriss Vector
  6. Can share this rig in armedunity ?

    Screenshot (6).png

  7. First-Person-Arms Free

    Can i share this rig on armedunity ?, because i use your 3d model.
  8. Free M1911 Animation

    just remove the paid models & use the animation
  9. Free M1911 Animation

    Error 404 Woops. Looks like this content doesn't exist.
  10. My M4A1 Animations

    i just use the model M4A1 from Modern Weapons HD 3 you can see all my animations in my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdPPnDwgfb72Qyj8qqJHOvQ
  11. My M4A1 Animations

    yep, i use blender.
  12. My M4A1 Animations

    thanks for the opinions