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  1. Download Links : - Animation soon.... - Hands - Kriss Vector
  2. Can share this rig in armedunity ?

    Screenshot (6).png

  3. Can i share this rig on armedunity ?, because i use your 3d model.
  4. just remove the paid models & use the animation
  5. Error 404 Woops. Looks like this content doesn't exist.
  6. i just use the model M4A1 from Modern Weapons HD 3 you can see all my animations in my channel
  7. yep, i use blender.
  8. thanks for the opinions
  9. All the 3d models is from the AssetStore, i just rig and animating it. M4A1 Animations
  10. made in blender, all those model is from unityassetstore. i just create the animation. FN SCAR
  11. i use navaros m1911 sounds on my CSS Skin . Anyway thanks for reminding me about credit.
  12. a new videos M1911 New
  13. thanks .
  14. This is a small weapons animations by me. All the models is not by me. i'm not a pro. Scroll down, maybe there is a new video. Mac 11 Dragunov SVD G36C Skorpion M4A1 M4A1 v2 Reel Ak-47 M1911 New