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  1. Hi ! I've just published my game on the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TrumpigWall.TrumpigWall&hl=fr The game is a 3D infinite runner in which you are a Mexican character trying to run away from the border patrol after jumping across the wall. You can customize your character, there are multiple places to explore in the desert (Construction Site, Pyramids, Construction Site, Mexican Hat,...). Here is a trailer video I have made ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2EeS321F8M Enjoy ! Sorry for Apple users but my Game has been rejected multiple times for offensive content... :/
  2. Hi ! I've submitted my app to Apple about one week ago, they reviewed it quite fast (a few hours) but they thought there was some offensive content. I did some changes to correct that and submitted the new build and changed some Metadata infos the same day and the app got from "Waiting for review" to "In review" quite fast, but it seems to be stuck "In review" since three days... Is that a bad sign ? Is there something I can do ? Any help would be really helpful. Thanks !
  3. Only English and french for the moment... :/ But more are coming (Russian and Bulgarian soon)
  4. Thanks ! J'y travaille !
  5. Hi everyone ! I've just finished the first version of Pictacube (which is a kind of 3D Social Network app). It is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Here are the main features of Pictacube : --> Each of users are represented by a cube. On the six faces of the cube, you can post a photo on which your friends can comment. (Comments are per face and are deleted automatically when a new photo is set to the face). --> You can send "Picta" which are disappearing customizable photos. You can add Animated images on it (like a fish swimming across the screen, comics animated stuff : "pow", "zap",...), static images, text or just draw on the picture. When the user open a "Picta", if he exit from it, the picture is deleted forever (there is no time set like in Snapchat). --> Send private messages. --> The idea of the app is to be highly customizable (for now, you can change the cubes' color, the background image, the colors of your messages or your friends ones. More will be added later like re-positioning the buttons where you want, Change the buttons' color,...). --> Add a bio and edit your profile infos (you can add more infos about you like your job, studies, hobbies,...). That's it ! If you want to download it, just type "Pictacube" on the App Store or Google Play and download ! As it is a Social Network you need some friends to use it, so if you share the app it would be really helpful for me as it will extend the users of it ! The app is available in English and French for now, more languages will be added later ! Thanks for taking the time of reading this post and if you have any suggestions about the app, it will be really appreciated !
  6. I've asked some friends instead, so I don't need any more photos but thanks anyway ! The kind of photos I was looking for was something that you would send on snapchat or post in Instagram (so something more like selfies). I wanted to ask photos here because I thought it would be cool to make a group of photos of armedunity's members in the video trailer but as I want to upload the app tomorrow, I needed it fast. I should have asked a few days ago but it doesn't matter because I've found other pictures ! But I've done screenshots previews only instead. I'll probably make a showcase of the app tomorrow (with screenshots and link to the app), so if you want to see it, stay tuned ! Thanks anyway !
  7. Hi everyone ! The title is quite weird I know ! Here's the thing : I've finished my app (Some kind of 3D Social Network) and I'm making a video trailer. The app is mainly based on photos and I need a lot of them to make the video so I'm asking if you're not against the fact that anyone can see the video !!! If you could post a picture here so I can use it in the video only (it won't be used for anything else than that) But the video will be public (posted on YouTube, Facebook, Armedunity, Unity3D France) I need two kind of photos : The first option : You can send pictures of you, your dog (or cat , gold fish and so on ), a cool landscape,... The kind of picture I need is this (of course without the monkey, the text and all the drawings) --> see pics 1 or 2 (with the two monkeys or the dog and the monkey) The second option : You can send pictures in a square format (something like in Instagram) The kind of picture I need is this --> see pic 3 (without any filter) Thanks for your contribution and have a great day !
  8. Nope ! It still doesn't dispose the www properly. It is just happening on iOS so I searched how I could fix it for now and found this topic: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/676443/wwwdispose-doesnt-work.html Saying that adding : [delegate.data release]; in : UnityDestroyWWWConnection(void* connection) in WWWConnection.mm could fix the issue, but the problem is WWWConnection.mm is now using ARC and doesn't allow to do this anymore. Thanks for the answer !
  9. Well ! I found that I needed to use that (here : http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/474421/wwwtexture-dispose-didnt-work-causing-memory-leak.html): Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(); Now in the editor, I get a constant 40 mb memory usage. The problem is that when I try the app on iOS, it crashes after a bit of using. Saying crash due to memory usage (and the iOS profiler tell me it's using more than 300mb of memory...) On android, everything is working fine as well as in the editor. I have no idea what could cause this leak on iOS... If anyone have ever experienced something like that, it would be really helpful to share with me ! If that could help, Unity is crashing only at the end of the iOS build (for Android it is working fine), in xCode, I get more than 300 warnings but the app builds and works... Thanks !
  10. Hi ! I'm currently creating some kind of social networking app for mlobile. Everything is working fine except when loading something from the database (using WWW). When I load something from it I'm getting some kind of spike of CPU... The problem is that for this kind of app, I really need to load a lot from the database. Does anyone have any tips to optimize the way I could get infos from the database ? I'm currently doing something like this to get infos from the database : WWWForm theWWWForm = new WWWForm(); theWWWForm.AddField ("friend", friendName); theWWWForm.AddField ("me", myUsername); WWW data = new WWW (System.Uri.EscapeUriString("https://MyWebsite/FolderPath/ScriptToInteractWith.php"), theWWWForm); yield return data; Here's the profiler ScreenShot (for example when I load photos) :
  11. Really good looking graphics ! Perfect for this kind of game !
  12. I've finally bought UTNotifications from the asset store. I'll see what I can do with it ! https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/37767
  13. Hi ! I've almost finished my app in which I have a messaging system ! I have made notifications in-app (coming from my database) but what I need is to do the same but out of the app (the badges on the icon of the app and the message appearing on the screen). The problem is that I don't know how these kind of notifications works and when I search for "push notifications on unity" in Google, I only find the notifications that we write ourself (not from the user who is sending the message). So I'd like to know how I could do this ? Or if there's anything on the asset store to do it for me ! Thanks in advance
  14. Ok ! The problem has been solved ! I tried the live chat a few times until I could get it to work and ask my question, but when I had the opportunity to ask my question, the staff solved my problem as soon as I told them about it ! It was apparently an issue at the registration with the domain registration. Thank you for your help Connor !
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