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  1. no i just ment if the enemy is looking at me or not and if he not in any direction he does?
  2. I have a serious problem in animation please guys come help me the animation is working but the legs not idk why please any body help me the only thing whi isnt in the legs and not exists in the hands is the Ik Which its in 3d Max please anybody if he knew the answer post it
  3. ahmedelbarky

    Landing !!

    How can i know if my character going down by the gravity of the rigid body and how can i say if my character grounded becouse when i made the grounded by my script when i hit building it came true and that made many troubleshoot
  4. . An image effect IS a post processing effect I'll have you know. So you basically did exactly what I said without realizing lol... O_O ooky
  5. how can i know if iam hitting his Back or front
  6. okay thanks for trying but i have found the solution its in the pro script in image effects
  7. How can i make radial blur or zoom blur what ever it called to the camera? Thanks in advance
  8. how can i check the direction which its between the character and object then go to it?
  9. Thanks that helped me but their is a questions i hope u can help me with that.. The Basic Things in that when i say animation["wave_hand"].AddMixingTransform(shoulder); The Wave hand is the animation but the shoulder is the parent or the rig with i made
  10. when i walk the collider keep a distance form the character and the floor but their are animation that have to change i mean when i walk the animation change the body shape and the collider keep bigger distance from the first how can i fix that?
  11. when i made the gun on zbrush i know how to animate it but how can i make the character animatin when walking make animation for the character's hands not the leg when the character jumping only guns affect the hands not the legs or i have to make many animations that calculate all possiable animation in jumping walking running and hiting?
  12. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thanks to everyone who was trying to help me but finally i have found the solution var timeranimation : float = 5 ; var oNceRun : float =4; var onceenable = true; function Start(){ animation.wrapMode= WrapMode.Loop; animation["OnceRun"].wrapMode= WrapMode.Once; } function Update(){ if(Input.GetKey("w") && !animation.IsPlaying("Run") && onceenable){ animation.CrossFade("OnceRun"); timeranimation -= Time.deltaTime; if(timeranimation < 4){ timeranimation = 4; } if(timeranimation == 4 ){ onceenable = false ; run(); } } if(Input.GetKeyUp("w")){ timeranimation = 5 ; onceenable = true; } } function run(){ animation.CrossFade("Run"); }
  13. the first one which i asked for i want to make something like enemy path that controll animation movement to controll anther animation which its bot so i want to make some thing like wwe movement when thye run and kik the secound one i mean when i hold a knife or agun i want to afeect the hands only
  14. 1-i made an animation that have to walk 1 meter then go to onther animation then affect a bot so idont know how can i say that if the character near the bot about 1 meter and pressed a key then make 3 animation i know that i posted atopic for animation after animation so u dont have to answer this here but how can i make a path for every animation when its playing.... please help 2- i have an animation and i want it to affect one part E.g hands and i dont want the legs to be affected by this animation..... Thanks for Helping me i really appreciate that
  15. function Start(){ animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop; animation["walk"].wrapMode = WrapMode.Once; } function Update(){ if(Input.GetKey("w")){ animation.CrossFade("walk"); if(!animation.IsPlaying("walk")){ animation.CrossFade("Run"); } } } imade this and no work idk why but only the walk is repeating and no work for the run animation?!!!
  16. thanks about fps kit but what about the two other question ididnt find the answer on google?!
  17. belive me i did that but the animation of runing play after unpressing the key and the walk is repeat itself
  18. it works but i have some problem when i made that it went to the other animation after the first is done but the first animation repeat itself and when i press up the key the other animation work!!! *Edited
  19. if i wrote this where will be the fist animation which will fade it?? if(Input.GetKey("w")){ animation.CrossFadeQueued("Run", 0.3, QueueMode.CompleteOthers); }
  20. i just want to play an animation after the first one
  21. hi my name is ahmed iam from Egypt iam 16 years old and iam trying to make a fps game and rpg game in one game so if anyone can help me with that u can add me on facebook just search for me ahmed.elbarky_nogoback@yahoo.com see you later in my friends
  22. what is fps kit? can any one tell me how can i make the place where the gun can be worn to the character? how can i make the animation just controll the legs? and not to affect any other part in the game character? i made an animation for something like dog i want it to walk as it walk and run in the 3d max imean from the land to the wall?
  23. Thanks for trying to help me but i have found the soulution i tried to use 3d max and it works but i have anther problem with animation how can i say at the Keyfram 30 or at the end of the animation ? and sorry for my late
  24. actuly i checked that checkbox but still no work
  25. he is right about colors About the animation can u link me atutorial to if i did anything wrong?
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