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  1. Very interesting indeed, although not something I will be looking for any time soon or further in the future, but I'm sure that other people could use it.
  2. Very related to the flying boxes.
  3. Animals picking the berries before you would be even better and more rage inducing.
  4. I didn't even read the license, I took the assumption that it was for personal use only because it was stated in the OP.
  5. Necroposterino Papachino, but I actually want to add my opinion in it. I think it's mediocre that YouTubers act like this, like seriously. Sure, there is a commercial aspect in it, since people want to make more money and such. But paying 12k just for a YouTuber to say "Oh yeah, this game is cool, you should check it out and such!" 3x is just insane. If he would do a full-coverage or something, than it might be even more 'worth' your money instead of getting mentioned and get your 10 seconds of fame three times. On the other hand, the YouTubers (surely) know that they are the future for advertising, whether you like it or not. A lot of people watch the content and by 'buying yourself' in, you are even able to bypass people who are using Adblocker (BUT MUH REVENUES?!!) and reach an insanely targetted audience. Take this for example : You have made a shitty game where 2 ducks fart in eachother's faces and quack in a silly way when doing so. You know you are targetting a niche audience, like people who like overly silly stuff (or rabid kids that play anything their idol does). Would you advertise it the 'normal' way where you would pay for advertisements on websites which are frequently disabled due to the huge amount of people using Adblocker? Or would you hire/pay a YouTube star with an immense following where he will promotes your content for everyone to see who are watching his/her videos? I think the answer is simple as hell. For example, if PewDiePie (wowe, such trash youtuber *puke*) would play your shitty game (which doesn't contain any humor), the followers are bound to play it as well, because they like everything what their idol does and such and look up to him. Besides that, they will most likely start lets-playing your content as well, although they might not be as big, it will surely help regarding getting way more exposure and such in terms of marketing, on top of that those kids like to spam everyone either IRL or through the internet with messages like "OMFG HAVE YOU SEEN THAT GAME/ THAT PERSON PLAYING THAT GAME?!" and such. Finally, negative attention in a way is also attention. Not all negative attention is bad, depending on the circumstances ofcourse. If you force/let PewDiePie play your game, you are bound to get hate for it. It might not be directly aimed at your game, but moreso aimed at the YouTuber. For example, PewDiePie has a lot of haters (yeah, haters, besides the people who just disgust him, but don't spam everywhere regarding him being shit.) which can lead you to more exposure. They might start writing messages like "OMFG WTF WHY THE F*CK IS PEWDIEFAG PLAYING SUCH SHITTY GAME OMFG? [YOUR GAME] IS SHIT!". Although this kind of exposure is (quite) negative, you might benefit from it. People will still be reminded of your game and check it out for themselves to give their own verdict and like it. Extra : 'The Positive Shitstorm' scenario So basically, I want to add this one as well, as it fits the above stated so well. We all know how rabid for example PewDiePie's fanbase (in general) is. They are more rabid than pitbulls with rabies. His fanbase puts 'religious' fanatics such as ISIS/IS/Daesh to shame. Even if your opinion is neutral/slightly positive like "Hey, looks like a nice game, but sadly I can't really enjoy this YouTuber, although I can clearly see why people enjoy him and his content" you will get the worst diseases and death threats flinged towards you for no apparent reason. These fanatic followers get triggered harder than *cough* feminists *cough* seeing a CIS male being succesful. You can basically use this at your advantage (only if you want to be associated with screaming/crying kids etc.). If someone make a shit statement about the YouTuber/your game, there will surely be a shitstorm inbound. But somehow this is a good thing due to the fact that the majority will most likely 'protect' your game (and especially the YouTuber). Your game will be referenced a lot etc. - Also, we all know how Flappy Bird became famous tl;dr : Promoting through mediums like YouTube is the future for maximum exposure to a certain niche whether you like it or not.
  6. Some tools look interesting, but personally I prefer ProBuilder (Pro) regarding creating architectural geometry (although I can't use it in my current project, to you to guess why (Ahoy, matey) ) and I use Blender for the more detailed stuff. If you have a proper modelling workflow to Unity, you won't have a huge hassle when creating/editing models, although Unity can (sometimes) be stubborn regarding re-importing the model sometimes. Personally I think that a 'real' modelling program has more freedom than Mesh Maker ever will give, but it might be helpful to those who might it 'too complex' or 'scary' to handle a modelling program. Especially due to the fact that you are quite overwhelmed due to all the features a fully-fledged modelling application will give you, BUT also due to the extra work you might need to do. Think of manually unwrapping stuff etc. Sure, you can easily 'smart unwrap' models nowadays with like all the modelling applications, but the problem is that the generated UV map is most likely not easily editable in third-party software like photoshop and that might even be one of the least of your problems. Offtopic : 250th post w00t.
  7. - It's FREE!!! Omg looks awesome and I want to use it in my game. - Only for personal use... Killed it for me as my thing is going to be a commercial product, which will be free-to-play as well. Big bummer though, still looks awesome.
  8. Nice, but simple indeed, although the AR and TY aren't really readable for me here. Btw, I disected your work as the following. - 1 text layer - 1 layer with the pattern which uses the text as mask. - 1 vignette layer (or the text layer has a radial gradient applied to it) Second one same story, but with an additional vector layer and pattern layer which uses the vector as mask. You can discard my words regarding composition, I personally love to disect people's work visually as you can learn a lot from it if you do it correctly (and have the proper background knowledge on how to achieve certain effects etc.)
  9. Uxilo

    Stock Challange

    Steam Greenlight is a nice place for overly bad Unity games. I wish I was joking. (bad games in general btw) Anyway, a stock challenge isn't really a challenge in my opinion.
  10. It looks all nice and all, but : I personally think that HUD needs a huge rework. The major thing which bugs me is that the style of the HUD doesn't fit the game. So either change the style of the game or the HUD.
  11. Well the things that are too simple for 1 video can be bunched together aye?
  12. Thanks, currently trying to export the design to a WPF form and it's a pain in the ass.
  13. Well, a nice example of adventure type FPS stuff are games like SOMA etc. It doesn't need to be horror or something. Just pointing out the control stuff etc. For example - picking stuff up (and being able to rotate the object to inspect it) and throwing it away. - hinged doors with rigidbodies which can be open by dragging them open. - some (easy) puzzle elements. - a small inventory with stackable items and a '3D' itemviewer embedded in it (I have this laying somewhere around, made with a second camera and a plane where it gets projected on etc. + a small script for handling item rotation etc.). The itemviewer is quite similar to the thing you have in Skyrim for example. - expandable 'questing'/missions. - a simple dialogue system.
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