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  1. nub

    Use raycast as a pointer ?

    Very simple Just clamp your camera viewangles for something realistic For tank cannon you need to calculate angle from tank cannon to raycast hit point then you would rotate tank cannon with calculated angles Bullet seems too slow, either add prediction like in real life or make it travel faster like it should from that distance
  2. nub

    New UI settings

    you need to drag C_Options.cs in some gameobject and drag that gameobject in your dropdown's "On Value Changed" field, when you change selection in dropdown you will see that "Value" field is changing.
  3. nub

    I dont get it Asset Store ?!

    https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/search/page=1/sortby=relevance/query=timer try something more unique and you get it in for sure.
  4. nub

    searching for saving and Loading system

    private float PlayerHP = 0.0f; private Vector3 PlayerPos = Vector3.zero; void SavePlayer(float playerHP, Vector3 playerPos) { PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("Health", playerHP); PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("x", playerPos.x); PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("y", playerPos.y); PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("z", playerPos.z); } void LoadPlayer() { PlayerHP = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("Health"); PlayerPos = new Vector3(PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("x"), PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("y"), PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("z")); } //Somewhere when you want to save SavePlayer(PlayerHP, PlayerPos); try something like that
  5. nub


    bananas all over
  6. nub

    Don't Touch That Treasure!

    Looks neat!
  7. nub

    Unity 5 Car Physics

    Is there video how it would work or how to setup drift car? like this
  8. nub

    How to create a 3D health bar ??

    remove private var MaxBar : float = 0.9; if you make healthbar float BarWidth = 0.0f; DrawBar(x, y, BarWidth * (Health/MaxHealth), Height);
  9. nub

    2D map tiles or 1 picture

    Which one is better way to create map in terms of performance -> Tiles or 1 picture Did few tests but this is first 2D game im making and not sure of this map stuff Empty scene: 1 Picture: Tile map big: Tile map 50% smaller:
  10. nub

    2D Radar

    Updated for 2D top down games EDIT: Added clipping
  11. nub

    Looking for gpu

  12. nub

    What happened to shoutbox?

    one link in my whole shoutbox history after you were talking about it and you ban me without warnings or telling me i was even bannedsomeone is mad
  13. nub

    What happened to shoutbox?

    really? for that? I rarely even post and you ban me not nice