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    need to know how many decks of cards you guys have for a research task. thankyou
  2. Hey guys i'm starting to get more serious as school comes closer to an end. So wondering anyone has a team i could possibly join. I have only basic knowledge in c#, intermediate knowledge with GUI design/Photoshop and texturing and intermediate in blender(3d modelling, however terrible at animation) if anyone interested or has any tips. Send me a pm thanks
  3. FREE Graphic

    would be happy to have some graphics done for me
  4. Book ui need feedback :)

    Sorry fireball a little blurry this for book cover a bit better
  5. Book ui need feedback :)

    Drawings and text are all just for placeholders but please give feed back on all thanks and if anyone has any ui or texturing jobs for me hit me up
  6. Quantic: Advanced Character Controller [GIVEAWAY]

    Would love to have a chance to try it. Looks interesting
  7. Selling some sound effects $3

    pm if interested just threw a few together quickly its like 5 but i tried to pick some different ones.
  8. Pick Up,Throw,Carry Object

    Would you have any idea how i could use this with my mouse position thx for the script btw
  9. What main type of games on unity?

    like fps, rpg, puzzle what you guys making? thx
  10. Opinion on swords

    Criticism please. thx
  11. Opinions on inventories?

    thanku ill try and search for it now
  12. Opinions on inventories?

    i mean like filled with alot of stuff thats all
  13. Opinions on inventories?

    Im not really sure if this is where i would post this xD, but anyway which way would you guys recommend for a large inventory. I dont expect any code samples even though they would help greatly . Anyway do you guys have any advice on what i should use/where i should start. thx

    thx alot i never even thought of doing it like that

    using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PlayerCamera : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject player; [SerializeField] private float lookSensitivity = 5; [SerializeField] private float lookSmoothDamp = 0.15f; private float yRotation; private float xRotation; private float curYRotation; private float curXRotation; private float yRotationV; private float xRotationV; void Start() { } void Update () { yRotation += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * lookSensitivity; xRotation -= Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * lookSensitivity; xRotation = Mathf.Clamp(xRotation, -90, 90); curXRotation = Mathf.SmoothDamp(curXRotation, xRotation, ref xRotationV, lookSmoothDamp); curYRotation = Mathf.SmoothDamp(curYRotation, yRotation, ref yRotationV, lookSmoothDamp); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(curXRotation, curYRotation, 0); } } Hey guys i cant think of how to make the player rotate with my mouse look script. im probably being stupid thx