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  1. I really want to know too, because with those specs i'm afraid it isn't 'cheap' at all...
  2. Cheap!? With a TITAN XP? Believe me you can run unity and a lot more with this. Also, the processor is more than capable.
  3. GeneralCookie


    I think that is because you are the developer
  4. I'm sorry to ask, but can't you just exclude the mountains from the OC bake? (only if they are seperate objects from idk a terrain or something) So that the mountains are always visible? I did that with some low poly mountain assets that I put in the background of my scenes.
  5. "By collecting all pearls in the level, you will enable it's goal." "Use mechanics to open up your way." (not sure about this one) "You will break game logic, whenever you do a bad move when the previous tile has disappeared" I would personally put it this way... I can't say that this is correct 100 percent correct as i'm not a native speaker myself :I
  6. Woop woop it's the sound of da police!
  7. This could work.... But you would need a lot of people to sign up, from both sides :I
  8. "I would like name credit and some sale percentage, 40% percent ownership if it is commercial and you get 60% ownership since you will be the main owner if you are interested." Mmmm
  9. Before you are giving away your money... check the work antman did first... No offense but he maybe doesn't have the artstyle you are looking for.
  10. You will have to use Commands and ClientRPC's for sending messages to other players on the network. How about you follow a video tutorial about the UNET concept (unity networkin) before you start experimenting yourself That's what I did before I started...
  11. I thought you could assign a custom animator in the network animator of your parent object? So if you add a network animator to the parent, you can assign any animator you want.
  12. Try using Unity's legacy diffuse shader in unity 5. Maybe that helps. The default shader that comes with unity 5 is propably not compatible with your hardware :I
  13. Check this out: https://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines I think you can't use the same style
  14. I wish I had the motivation to work on a project for this long.... Good job!
  15. The wrinkle maps need to be updated by Unity themselves.. I don't think they will anytime soon :I
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