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  1. Unity 5 UNET
  2. Hi Mark ! Welcome to the forum ! Hope to hear more from you soon
  3. Thanks for the tip ! looks great
  4. xD sorry bro but this is hilarious I dont wanna be rude or something btw and great game @Teequ ! looks very neat !
  5. Yay :3
  6. Ooooh If i had known this some months ago when i was trying to make an rpg terrain as well... It would have helped a LOT
  7. That's nice ! But how do you get the terrains to flow nice into eachother so it doesnt look weird when you enter another terrain ?
  8. How large is the terrain ? And also... it looks very good
  9. Oh lol nevermind then
  10. It takes super long for a terrain bigger than 500/1000 in size to bake....
  11. Looks great once again ! I really like the companions system :3
  12. I just dont get it
  13. How about no
  14. Cool.. This is mjolnir armor from halo right ? I love it :3