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  1. Hi, i'm from Brazil and i can translate to portuguese language o/
  2. What is more interesting? Programming oriented robotics or games?
  3. vansley


    Porquê não existem mais idéias próprias? Sempre é assim: Ah.. Vou criar um jogo igual GTA Ah.. Vou criar um jogo igual DayZ Ah.. Vou criar um jogo igual FIFA Ah.. Vou criar um jogo igual Minecraft Ah.. Vou criar um jogo igual League of Legends Olhem para o Portal 2, esse jogo sem noção é legal, inédito e desafiador. Rendeu muito dinheiro. Criem novas idéias. Se inspirem.
  4. Eae pessoal, beleza? Me chamo Valdo Vansley de Oliveira Ramos. Tenho 16 anos e estou programando em C#. Sou um brasileiro super Hu3. Vou fundar uma empresa chamada vStudio. Quero criar um MOBA exclusivo para xbox. Acho que é só isso '-'
  5. I will stop using the google translator will post all in Portuguese because this tense
  6. guess how many scripts there are in DotA 2
  7. Our '-' you arrange any little thing to criticize
  8. The text is not mine, appeared on Facebook. I identified a lot with some things, but the important thing is to learn and overcome. Most to midway perhaps get wrong. "10 Tips to NOT terminate their independent game! After seeing many, many game projects that started but did not finish, including my own, I decided to do a little manual of how NOT end your game ... If you want to create another game that will never be finalized then follow these 10 steps! 10. Believe that will be easy: The development of any game is easy, simple as it is, underestimate the work to produce a game is the first step toward another unfinished project. 9 Be impulsive: Much of the game projects that do not work begin from night to day and when the cocky developer realizes that will not give the trick or it will be too much work, just the same way it began. 8 Be Inexperienced: If you start to study pascal or model to a week so you're ready to get your game that will never be finished! 7 Try to do everything yourself: If you believe you can do 2D and 3D graphics, programming, script writing, sound, level designer and still take some time to do that smart beta test, then you are on your way to creating your game that will not work. 6 Count unknown: Is the cousin of a friend of your friend said it will do all the graphics for your game in a week without you pay 1 cent and professional quality, so count on it for your game never goes out of paper. 5 Make online teams: Nothing better than a good forum of inexperienced and totally uncommitted people to create a game! 4. Choose the wrong tools and preferably pay for them: If you have money to spend and want to buy that super engine that you do not have a clue how it works, which is not supported or established community with all documentation in Arabic, Japanese and Cantonese then goes deep friend! 3. If overestimate: Believe in your potential above average, you can create a Crysis alone! 2nd Seje megalomaniac: If you will create a game, do not consider creating a small, make a will revolutionize the gaming world! 1 Start creating a MMORPG To create a racing game, or adventure, or fight, or shooting, or navezinha, or platform, or puzze or something more how many game styles exist if you can create a revolutionary MMORPG? "
  9. Fantasy AI 2.0 has finally arrived! With ground breaking new features such as navigational mesh generation with smooth path-finding, easy character rigging system, and improved combat and animation system. Fantasy AI 2.0 includes a full game project called 'Protect The Crystal', it's fun and addictive, and can give you a great start to your fantasy style game! This AI is 100% ready for action out of the box. Rig your characters in minutes and watch them perform tasks intelligently. Custom designed high fidelity sound FX and music are included with this product for you to use as you please. Here is your one and only, Fantasy based AI solution. Visit the Unity Forum Thread to try 'Protect The Crystal' or view videos & screenshots. It´s free > Link: http://bit.ly/1SBFn7C Images It helped him, like!
  10. Eae mlk doido h3uh3uh3uh3u e noix nu forum
  11. CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2.4GHz RAM: 1GB RAM GPU: GTX470 OS: Windows XP SP3 HDD: 1TB Resolution: one monitor is 1280 x 720 and two is 1900x1600
  12. but for me a perfect mmo would be yes in DayZ molds but with graphics, animation and interaction with the world, the level of Dying Light freedom, survival elements and operation at the level of Project Zomboid. a large map and representing various scenarios, from large cities where the gameplay expands vertically as subway tunnels, buildings, etc, something like the ambiance of The Last of Us, are places more sinister as of Resident Evil 2 environments, to forests with many caves and natural hazards. in my view it seems kind of impossible, even if it is an MMO even with thousands on the same server, thousands of NPCs and mobs or will they? and split into 'continents'? as in wow, continents are divided, requiring loadings for transfer from one to the other. I would not feel bad if it had a loading every different city, since it had all quoted ... no problem
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