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  1. am looking for a freelance for the integration of STEAM MICROTRANSACTION in my project How will it have worked ? The player opens a menu with several credit packs that he can select. we will say for the example that the player selects a pack of 2000 credits at 2 € The player must buy the 2000 credits with his steam purse Once the purchase is made, the credits are sent to the database Thank you for making a quote via private message For more information please contact me also by private message I hope I have been quite specific about my request I wish you a good day
  2. I do not agree with your comments guys, players vote for an IDEA and not for QUALITY
  3. Good evening, I want a 3D animator on Unity to create 8 animations, I provide the 3d models. Animation : Takeout grenade Throw grenade Reload grenade Takein grenade Takeout gun Fire gun Reload the gun Takein gun The work will be paid without worries, then I invite anyone who has the skills to send me a private message Thank you for your help
  4. I have one script that allows the player to take charge etc. 2nd is a script that manages the muzzle flash My concern is that if I add just the muzzle flash of the script directly weapon when I am in the menu and I click left the muzzle flash appears I want to built ca script draws to it only when I apparaise draws ammunition I paid the person who helps me has integrated
  5. hi I have the kit MFPS property I would like to get into the fire weapon design but I do not how to start it I want anime with equally arms
  6. There are hundreds of thousands of FPS games out there, and you are wanting to start one which is no problem. But make it something unique at the bare minimum. ----- that is why we do not disclose to the public nothings
  7. We are not looking for the moment to share the project's progress (it is our choice) we're just looking for someone to work in service which will be paid
  8. Helo I seek a person able to create a 3d weapon and animate it with entertainment -Fire -Reload -TakeIn -TakeOut thank you all work deserves contact me by mp thanks all for read
  9. when I change the map scene de the wall are invisible why? thanks
  10. I want to simulate part for the player not create, but ones in the game
  11. not the function kit with RakNet, I want to create an emulator for emulating large public server fr : non le kit fonction avec raknet , je veux faire un émulateur pour émuler des serveur public en gros
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