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  1. Hi guys, Its been a while since we last posted an update for installation 01, take a look at the progress we've been making over the last couple of months below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vE2vAiBMo8
  2. As much as I appreciate this thread, I'd prefer it even more if you wouldn't post updates on a game that 1. You don't work on and 2. You should never have accessed in the first place (even if that was a misstep on our part)
  3. Partnership with ultimate halo confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liSWRDflUJs
  4. What on earth does this have to do with what was going on 2 years ago lmao. I only say it as the only reason I could think of was that you wanted it to stay off the forums as you didn't want your teams reputation damaged Me and cyanide have resolved it, I post here as a warning.
  5. If you really think we'd jump into a project like this and put in as much time and effort as we have without doing massive amounts of research you're more clueless than you seem. We have done our research. We have talked to microsoft. We have talked to other teams INCLUDING halo online who have NOT been C&D'd. You're taking your opinions as to why YOU don't think microsoft would allow us to release a game on PC and are presenting it as fact. We have done the research, we have the facts and the fact is if we follow the fair useage rules AS STATED TO US PERSONALLY BY MICROSOFT we will not be shut down. So you have 2 options going forward from here, 1. You continue to spout complete nonsense and make yourself look a fool, or 2. You pipe down, base your opinions of the project on its merits rather than just on the fact its a halo fan game and then we can all move forward. Tis your choice.
  6. As I found him originally on armedunity trying to recruit through this website, it is absolutely something I wanted to inform the rest of the community about. I wouldn't want anyone else falling into the same problems. We've resolved the issue, its just a heads up for you guys so why don't you stop being such a bitter cunt and find a better thread to comment on if our project is bothering you so much?
  7. I'm going to take a wild guess here and suggest he may be working on your project lmao
  8. Not only did he attempt to publicly leak assets from my project online on another halo fan games forum and then tried to get back onto said website using VPNs and according to a moderator tried to create over 15 different accounts (for all we know to try and leak assets again) but we also suspect he tried to infultrate the team under the ruse of being an ex contingency member calling himself "The Less Chunkier Bean"
  9. Hey guys, check out a quick update on whats been happening in the world of installation 01. It isn't much as we're saving lots of content for Feb and May, but hopefully you guys appreciate the update none the less https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV_LQDtfoOs
  10. Yep, a video from some random youtuber saying its been c&d despite halo follower still putting on content and if you'd actually bothered to watch the video, the C&D was NOT from microsoft or 343, but rather from the halo follower parent company so thats completely irrelevant, a random article from some website no one has ever heard of when I've actually heard first hand from a developer that they have NOT received a C&D and 9 months after that article has been posted the game still continues to be updated without any issues and lastly a halo project based on a game that was NOT being based on a bungie or 343 title and was C&Dd to clear space for a new genre of halo game in 2006, back at a time when the fair use rules were very different. Once again, you have absolutely not idea what you're talking about and I'd suggest we leave it here, I wouldn't want to embarrass you any more than I already have done
  11. Not being funny mate, but me and my team have been developing the game since 2014, we have talked to microsoft and 343 and have been told that as long as we follow the content rules we will be fine. We are a team of very experienced individuals and know exactly what we're doing. You have no idea what you're talking about. Halogen was around in like 2006 when the content rules were far far different, halo online has NOT been C&Dd (I know developers on the project) and has actually released without any intervention from microsoft and halo follower is a youtube channel that is still going strong to this day. Please do at least the slightest bit of research before you come out with bold claims as you have just done.
  12. This is very misinformed and completely untrue. Other fan titles such as project contingency have been in development since like 2011 and have not as of yet been C&Dd. I don't know of a single halo fan project that has been shut down by microsoft and assuming we continue to follow the fair content rules it is highly unlikely that we will be.
  13. I'd just like to make it absolutely clear (as a developer on installation 01) that the project will support forge and is heavily and I mean HEAVILY focused on customization. We have a very talented programmer (Richard Boomsma) who has worked on a very functional forge like system before and will likely end up implementing it into installation 01. I'd like to have a conversation with your team about you guys becoming part of the installation 01 team. As it stands it is unlikely much progress will be made with such few members and when there are already many larger halo projects in the works and because of this its unlikely you'll be finding many members soon. Thanks, Reece.
  14. Hey there buddy, I'm one of the leads on another halo fan project called Installation 01, the team currently consists of around 20 active members and we're making real progress. Id be interested in having a chat with about stuff, if you're interested feel free to PM me here or add me on skype: HaMM4R (Reece Godfrey)
  15. Gimme 10 push ups and you're forgiven.
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