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  1. davharr28

    GuiText Script need

    there are many ways of doing this it all depends on how you want it to look 1. you can do it the easy way but not the most practical way is just add a guiText object(it might be something else it has been a while since i used this method 2012) and store in monster game object and just change the text to the name of the monster 2. you can make it display off gui by calculated the distance from the camera to the monster and generate it that way and there more ways of doing it all depends on how you want it
  2. thanks for the welcome glad to be here
  3. yea that sounds cool, will send you a message
  4. Thanks i hope i can make myself comfortable here
  5. Android set it up for unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlHa5DAx4Rs i think this one is good it has been a while since i setup my android device for unity but i think this will help if you have not set it up yet would be a good start
  6. if you want me to guide you through it i can guide you through Skype but will ask for a small amount 1 to 3 dollars to do so for my time. or i can fix your project for you for a small set fee(5 dollars). it is up to you or i can continue help you out on here but i can not visual tell you on how set up your project for it to work, only give you the logic on what might be wrong and help you out on find the syntax problems wrong with your code
  7. @matloc you talking to me or danny
  8. Hi my name is david, I came to this site to try improve my social skills, because i lack in that department if you can not tell from my grammar, i been a programmer for a few years now and had some bumps in the road, now i try to take my skill and trying to make a living off it, i enjoy making games on unity3d have had the opportunity to work on some cool games but alot of my proud work i can not show due to nda the ones that i worked on that where not contract one way or the other, seem to fail for many reason, and now i have set my eyes on making stuff for the asset store, and helping other developers where i can.
  9. when you character dies just call a method from spawn script that you make that spawns the character at spawn point
  10. well wil give you a rough description on how to achieve that what it seems like what you are trying to achieve game objects in scene LevelManger(gameObject)- spawn(script).spawnpoint:transform Checkpoint(GameObject)-CheckPoint(script).trigger(method) //general idea on how to accomplish this trigger(method) { spawn loc = gameobject.find(levelManager).getcompent<Spawn>(); loc.spawnpoint = Vector2(transform.position.x, spawnPoint.position.y); } i hope that helps
  11. well need more info, because 1 don't know where your spawning from because what i see so far is that you store a spawn point in a check point object but not updating the spawn point that you use to spawn the character off
  12. @Johannes- o thanks hope to do future updates for it, im thinking of making a video on how you can make a season terrain at run time with my asset(winter,spring fall and summer) and plan to do a add on fog of war (circle reveal) that works on unity free version. As of right now not sure if people would find that useful. The asset also includes a simple rts camera that i see the same type sell for 15 dollars, just mine is just missing a rotate, but that can be easily implemented in
  13. @beanster well yes and no i could have done it by slope but in some cases i don't think it would have been the best solution, because if i only want to do mountains then slope would have been perfect but if i want to do caves beaches and so forth then slope would not be ideal special if i have alot of elevation like a tropical island
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