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  2. Hello! Guys i really need your help! A few weeks ago i asked for help in saving KDS in MFPS asset http://lovattostudio.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3 and i had figured it out. BUT after i tried to upgrade it to Unity 5 i have one error! First of all i have made these lines for finding current in game KDS (Kill/Deaths/Score) = it worked in Unity 4.6. public void SavePlayerData() { int pkills, pdeaths, pscore = 0; pkills = PhotonNetwork.player.GetKills(); pdeaths = PhotonNetwork.player.GetDeaths(); pscore = PhotonNetwork.player.GetScore(); SaveInfo.SaveInfo(pkills, pdeaths, pscore); } And then simply wrote avePlayerData (); into public override void OnLeftRoom() { base.OnLeftRoom(); Debug.Log("OnLeftRoom (local)"); // back to main menu SavePlayerData (); Application.LoadLevel("MainMenu"); } But it after i want to disconnect from room or actuall room ends, it does nothing. I am stuck in game without moving to MainMenu scene and it gives me error: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" in line SaveInfo.SaveInfo(pkills, pdeaths, pscore); For those who does not have this kit and are confused about "SaveInfo" i have wrote this public bl_SaveInfo SaveInfo; into variables. Can someone know where is this error please? I have no idea what is wrong :/.
  3. Best explanation I have seen in a while!
  4. dantesino2

    Smart Fox 2x

    http://docs2x.smartfoxserver.com/ExamplesUnity/introduction Here you can find some tutorials and project files, its great start to SmartFox.
  5. Ill try to do it on my own because waiting for 2 weeks is too long for me, but ill probably also buy it after it comes out
  6. Wow man this looks amazing! Im going to study it a little and try to implement it into my game! Thanks for advice!
  7. Hello guise! Im kinda new in programming but i already know some stuff. What i want to ask for is that I want to make store system + inventory for online FPS game and i dont know how should i do it. I mean.. Should i use PlayerPrefabs for inventory or MySql database? Just to save data about current weapons he is using and editing them. Also if i want to make customization system should i save all the customization things to database or these prefabs? Which way is easier and better? For this store system I should use MySql i guess, since I can edit price of these weapons and availability of them in store by editing database, right? Can u give me some advices please? Thank you!
  8. I just had to initialize PhotonNetwork function. At the end i did it like this: public void SavePlayerData() { int pkills, pdeaths, pscore = 0; pkills = PhotonNetwork.player.GetKills(); pdeaths = PhotonNetwork.player.GetDeaths(); pscore = PhotonNetwork.player.GetScore(); SaveInfo.SaveInfo(pkills, pdeaths, pscore); } Its (as Prototic said) MFPS kit,so if someone have this one and dont know how to do it, here it is. Then you just need to call SavePlayerData(); whenever you want it to save. Also you need to call " public bl_SaveInfo SaveInfo = null;".
  9. I already figured it out, thank you guys anyway!
  10. Hello guise! I have a problem! I have script called "bl_SaveInfo" in C#. In this script i have my K/D/S data (Kills/Deaths/Score). Its defined like "t_kills", "t_deaths" and "t_score". Then i have script "bl_RoomMenu" in which i want to make function to save my KDS after game ends. So i have this: public bl_SaveInfo SaveInfo = null; //<- in variables void Start () { if (GameObject.Find ("PlayerInfo") != null) { SaveInfo = GameObject.Find ("PlayerInfo").GetComponent<bl_SaveInfo> (); } else { Debug.LogWarning ("Please Login Before open this scene"); } } Then (!) in my "OnLeftRoom" i have this line: SaveInfo.SaveInfo (10, 10, 10); It works great, but it saves only these numbers i literally write into script. But i want it to save current data which i have like this : player.customProperties[PropiertiesKeys.KillsKey] player.customProperties[PropiertiesKeys.DeathsKey] player.customProperties[PropiertiesKeys.ScoreKey] ^these are in game stats of player (if he kills someone, if he dies atc..) and when i want to reference to these stats like this SaveInfo.SaveInfo (PropiertiesKeys.KillsKey, PropiertiesKeys.DeathsKey, PropiertiesKeys.ScoreKey); but it wont let me leave room so it doesnt save data. It just count down (as it would if round ended) but it stopped at 0 and do nothing. What am i doing wrong? I also tried to reference on these "t_kills" (as its writen on top of this post) i do it like this : GameObject PlayerInfo = GameObject.Find ("PlayerInfo"); bl_SaveInfo t_kills = PlayerInfo.GetComponent<bl_SaveInfo>(); bl_SaveInfo t_deaths = PlayerInfo.GetComponent<bl_SaveInfo>(); bl_SaveInfo t_score = PlayerInfo.GetComponent<bl_SaveInfo>(); SaveInfo.SaveInfo (t_kills, t_deaths, t_score); it shows me this error "Argument `#1' cannot convert `bl_SaveInfo' expression to type `int'". Can someone please help me? If you need more informations, or whole script or something, just tell me. I have no idea how to fix it or what is wrong with this. Also i want to apologise about my english, im not native speaker. Thank you for all help, guys!
  11. Since you dont look like a clever person i dont believe you bought it. We are from similiar country and i know these "developers" in Slovakia. Only leechers without single script line coded. I simply dont trust you. The "project" u showed us is exactly the same you will have if you buy UnitZ or how is it called. You did nothing there.
  12. Im pretty sure its not even bought, he just took it from cgpeers or somewhere else.
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