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  1. Or you can buy shity-er ones for 90-150 $ .. Nope, 38 $ is a great price for that quality
  2. Tnx guys for the constructive criticism as for the high poly on the flag.. i forgot to lower the poly i`ll be back in a day or two with a new model more awsome then this one
  3. A New 3D Model to show Feedback is apreciated like allways. Fantasy Tower / Medium Poly-Count / Fully Textured 4 Main Objects : Tower / Gate / Gate Mechanism / Torch Stand [ Poly-Count 43074 ] [ Points 33382 ] [ Total Objects 7 ] Preview Rendered in C4D R15 / Tested in Unity 5 Link to the Model on Turbosquid : Click Here
  4. Tnx for the feedback guys, i apreciate it the detail can be added to the model by texture Normal, Bump and AO
  5. [ 7 Models Total ] [ Axe ] [ Bow and Arrows ] [ Chain Sword ] [ Dagger ] [ Long Sword ] [ Mace ] [ Semi Sword ] Feedback is apreciated. Tnx Axe Bow and Arrows Chain Sword Dagger Long Sword Mace Semi Sword [ Off Topic ] I need a person to help me with the texturing for this pack and more, I`m giving profit share for every sale of the models. Tnx and have a nice day
  6. Nice models, tnx for the share
  7. Guys, i`m not discussing the topology of the models or the process or even how high poly they are. I have posted them here for feedback on how the models look, simple as that.
  8. One of the reason is that the 2 alies packs are made specialy for Cartoon Motion Pictures. Higher the poly count/resolution the shapes becomes more smooth. Example, in my case the surface of the alien (last picture) is super smooth. Hope i answered your question. Best of luck
  9. So, i have some new models to show you guys, i will like some feedback if it`s possibile tnx Military Humvee - Medium Poly - Interior not Textured Flashlight - Medium Poly - Textured Military Helmet/Gas Mask - High Poly - Simple Texture Aliens Pack 1 - 3 Models - High Poly - Textured Aliens Pack 2 - 2 models - High Poly - Textured Also you can visit my blog and see the previous models [ Click Here to go to my blog ] Don`t forget to give me feedback and if your interested in any of the models send a pm and i`l send you a link to download
  10. tnx guys, i also have made a protofolio if you guys wana check it out, i have more models there : imaginmad.blogspot.ro
  11. Low Poly Modular Medieval Architecture pack suited for top down games / Total Models : 15 / Usage : Comercial & Non-Comercial Pack Contains : - Window - Door - Castle Door - Castle Gate - Tower - Stairs - Ladder - 2x Building Types - Wall (Left and Right side) - Corner Wall (Left and Right side) - 2x Wood Plank Types Preview done in Unity 4.5.2f : Download .Unitypackage (package contains 2x demo scenes / Source files / Prefabs) Download .fbx Feedback on the pack is appreciated. Tnx
  12. So, tnx guys for the constructive criticism but from my poit of view this is crap ... i mean it``s kinda a base model, i have a long way to go to model as a profesional. Like i sayd tnx guys
  13. i didin't do it because i want my ex back, i did it because i had front and left reference pictures of her
  14. The head and hair are modeled after 2 reference images of a ex girlfriend of mine, not exacly 100% ALIKE .. MORE LIKE 25 %
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