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  1. welcome mate !
  2. No there is no problem with the same name. Perhaps if the game is made with the same plot as the book plus you have the same name and have no permission of the author there may be some issue (just a slight chance).
  3. THESE QUESTIONS HIT ME RIGHT AFTER I READ THE POST. CAN YOU PLEASE CLEAR THEM OUT ? Why would someone create a game with sarcasm ? Is there any rev share ? Would there be a deal line for the project ? Do you already have any concepts of the game ? Probability of success/game completion ? Why would you want unskilled people in your team ? Are you even serious about it ? What would be your role in the project ? Have you worked on any other projects ? -.-
  4. It has humanoid rig setup so any animation will work.
  5. Hey there fellas ! How are you all ? Good I hope ! Here is some character I made. It is rigged and has animations. (I wish I had screen recorder to show it with Anims) He looks cool right ? Any critics are welcome Aki Shaqs PS: Do let me know if anyone likes it and wanna check it out. Also Guys, I have set up my portfolio (sort of) click here --> Akishaqs. Tell me if it looks nice, I will be adding more stuff there so... Can you guys just take a look and give some feedback ? Thank you !
  6. platformer

    Ty ! P.S Any suggestions, AI concepts, Hazards or any other fun material that can be added are appreciated.
  7. Well make youtube your friend. Welcome to the forum mate !
  8. and me need a happy life.
  9. platformer

    Thank you all, Glad you liked it !
  10. Lolly and The Monsters CrazyCatz I have been working on this isometric platformer for a while now, and it has started to take shape. You pay as Lolly, a girl who is looking for her lost cat, on her journey she encounters some fun puzzles and deadly monsters. The game features three scenes each containing 10 levels. I have setup a patreon too, if anyone wants to support go ahead - Follow on twitter - Like my facebook page - IndieDB - Here are some more screenshots of work in progress. Help me grow ! Like facebook and follow on twitter. Regards Shaqs Aki
  11. Looks good so far ! and whoa animations
  12. Neat !
  13. Check your inbox, and for requests use PM
  14. Which one :? Name it and I shall generate a code