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  1. platformer

    Ty ! P.S Any suggestions, AI concepts, Hazards or any other fun material that can be added are appreciated.
  2. Well make youtube your friend. Welcome to the forum mate !
  3. and me need a happy life.
  4. platformer

    Thank you all, Glad you liked it !
  5. Lolly and The Monsters CrazyCatz I have been working on this isometric platformer for a while now, and it has started to take shape. You pay as Lolly, a girl who is looking for her lost cat, on her journey she encounters some fun puzzles and deadly monsters. The game features three scenes each containing 10 levels. I have setup a patreon too, if anyone wants to support go ahead - Follow on twitter - Like my facebook page - IndieDB - Here are some more screenshots of work in progress. Help me grow ! Like facebook and follow on twitter. Regards Shaqs Aki
  6. Looks good so far ! and whoa animations
  7. Neat !
  8. Check your inbox, and for requests use PM
  9. Which one :? Name it and I shall generate a code
  10. This is some serious development. I would say zombies are not too old for the development yet Good luck mate !
  11. He was so serious you know... he even forgot to check the post
  12. Welcome to the forum mate !
  13. Alright bro, check your inbox ! P.S whoever redeemed the codes lol, make sure you don't pirate them If you want...ask !
  14. Hey there guys ! Since we are all together and this forum is alive again, I thought why not share some art ? I am not a very good artist or modeler but I have some free voucher codes for my packages ! First is lowpoly stylized double barrel : for details go!/content/61631 Free Voucher code : ASV-TUXC-74XG-J7E3-FHAX-FQ3* ( a character is missing and it is ? ) Now this is crawler : Details ? go here!/content/52743 Free voucher code : ASV-UY3T-J96C-LC94-YWMY-CQD* (I am not a bad guy, this is just to prevent useless activation) This one is Boo an Alien : Ah,!/content/62050 Free Voucher code : ASV-HDPR-VMHL-XJUK-XWH9-73F* (Please do not abuse) Okay so I removed last letters from codes just to prevent... Ah you know why, Hints: The second code lacks a number, start from high to low while other two lack alphabets. Plus i see there are people seeking team members, if any new dev want to use my assets in their game (only if anyone finds them useful) you can check my Assetstore and request. I'll send the code (Can't just put all stuff here) Why in hell am I giving 'em for free ? I am mad ? or may be I am just too kind. Your buddy Shaqs Aki