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    To Create Simplistic and Creative 3D Designs.
  1. Simple3DDesigns

    imBrokeRU MP5SD animation donwload

    I wasn't able to open this in .3ds max any ideas why the file wouldn't open?
  2. Simple3DDesigns

    Light flicker (with interval on/off)

    Simple but interesting. I like it! Good work!
  3. Simple3DDesigns

    Free RakNet Multiplayer FPS Project

    Half the stuff is preexisisting code on the internet already. Just search what you need and the code will most likely be there in one form or another.
  4. Simple3DDesigns

    DAG Server "Drop And Go Multiplayer"

    Thanks man, I edited his code in notepadd ++ haha Thank you for the fixes I appreciate it.
  5. Simple3DDesigns

    most epic gaming moment for you ? :o

  6. Simple3DDesigns

    DAG Server "Drop And Go Multiplayer"

    I decided to port this for those who use C#, most of you may be able to use this yourself but if you can't ,I did it for you. This code is really good stuff so if your looking to learn the basics of multiplayer I highly agree with the code he's provided. Also if anyone is motivated to learn more networking in unity3d you can check out this link. http://3dgep.com/networking-in-unity-3-5/ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class MultiplayerServer: MonoBehaviour { public GameObject playerGO; public Vector3 spawnPoint; void Awake (){ MasterServer.ClearHostList(); MasterServer.RequestHostList("ARM_UNI"); } void OnGUI (){ if(Network.peerType == NetworkPeerType.Disconnected) { if(GUILayout.Button("QUICK PLAY")) { ArrayList serverList= new ArrayList(); for(HostData serverData in MasterServer.PollHostList()) {//declare serverdata as our Hostdata if(serverData.connectedPlayers < serverData.playerLimit) { serverList.Add(serverData); //Add our host game data to our serverlist } } if(serverList.Count > 0) { Network.Connect(serverList[0]); } else { StartServer(); } } } else { if(GUILayout.Button("DISCONNECT")) { Network.Disconnect(); } } } void StartServer (){ Network.InitializeServer(11, Random.Range(1000, 2000), !Network.HavePublicAddress()); MasterServer.RegisterHost("ARM_UNI", "Armed_Unity", ""); spawnPoint = Vector3(Random.Range(-10.0f, 10.0f), 0, Random.Range(-20.0f, 20.0f) //Spawn player in a random range from -10 to 10 in the x direction and from -20- // 20 in the z direction. ); Network.Instantiate(playerGO, spawnPoint, transform.rotation, 0); } void OnConnectedToServer (){ spawnPoint = Vector3(Random.Range(-10.0f, 10.0f), 0, Random.Range(-20.0f, 20.0f)); Network.Instantiate(playerGO, spawnPoint, transform.rotation, 0); } void OnPlayerDisconnected ( NetworkPlayer player ){ Network.RemoveRPCs(player); Network.DestroyPlayerObjects(player); } void OnDisconnectedFromServer (){ Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel); } }
  7. Simple3DDesigns

    Vepr Hunter Rifle

    Really good work! I've worked in some really good indie teams for game development and let me tell you your models are definitely AA standard at least.
  8. Simple3DDesigns

    Help With Playing Animation

    Uhm just try animation.Play(nameOfAnimationClip);
  9. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple3DDesigns Introduction

    Well all you see in the picture is basic visual fidelity. The images don't even explain half of what's implemented into the game as now. That's the just showcase scene. Multiplayer works I just need to code the UI stuff now that I have the 4.6 beta
  10. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple3DDesigns Introduction

  11. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple GUI Menu

    This is great, but with the new UI system that came out in the Unity3d 4.6 beta most people will likely move away from this. Try out the beta and work with the new UI system, its easy and intuitive
  12. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple3DDesigns Introduction

    Literally just threw it on there. I'm downloading the free beta and I'm going to use the new UI system for unity. Stop being so picky. It's the functionality that matters.
  13. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple3DDesigns Introduction

    Yeah its the new multiplayer AI I was working on. He just wanders around at specific objectys on the map and checks it out and if you get to close to him hell turn around and aim at you. I stopped working on it though because I'm working more on the multiplayer stuff for now.
  14. Simple3DDesigns

    Darkraze FPS Updates

    Nice work kevin, looks great! True unity3d developer
  15. Simple3DDesigns

    Simple3DDesigns Introduction

    Thank you check out an update!