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  1. hello, armedunity we are making game called Kill or Die which would be FPS game and would like you to join in our team Payment: Currently we are working for free, because we don't have money to pay for model and that stuff, but if we make some money we will split it in team. Progress: For now we have 2 maps and good weapon system which we are working on, also there is team death match as only mode, we wanna to add more modes. Positions: In our team there are few members and we would like you to join, if you know doing something we would like to help us. Members: 1 Modeler 2 Programmers So if you like this project you can join, just send me message and we can talk through skype, mail or armedunity.
  2. We are trying to make FPS game and any profit we make we will share it with team, if that's your point.
  3. Thanks guys for reply, I changed it alot. No im not in New York, but send me a message and join us.
  4. Hello guys, We are making FPS game called "Kill or Die" and we would like some help about game. Every money we make would split in team, but for now the project is unpaid so don't expect money until frist few updates Previus work & Progress: I have been working in unity and blender for a long time and want to do game with people around the world, this is my first big project and would like you to join our team. For now, just two of us are making the game and we want to expand with more people. Job roles We need any kind of people from modeler and scripter to people that just want to help us making the game, but for now we have modeler and scripter. Modeler 1/Any Scripter 1/Any Although we are starting making the game, after few upgrades in game we will make you tube chanel and keep everybody update. Hope you will join our team.
  5. Contact me i Know 3d modeling in blender...
  6. Hello. Can you tell me where to learn scripting, javascript prefer. Thanks
  7. Hi all. My name is mihic123 and i am currently working on 3d modelling and i am willing to help if anybody have problems or just want me to model something. I dont have so much experience because i do modelling as hobby and i dont need to be paid. So if you have interesting project to work on i would like to invite me and i will help you as much as I can. Thanks
  8. Hello Do you still looking for 3d modeler? If yes, can you tell me how good 3d models must be, send me photo if you have or find an example on Internet, I have little experience working in wings3d so i can help. Just for hobby i dont need to be paid. Thanks
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