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  1. Germany has long been the main producer of several more extreme niche porn. I guess you have missed out on that (perhaps luckily)
  2. Ah. Haven't used Express. Works fine in full-version of Visual Studio.
  3. The style there is more Metro than plain flat imo, probably the colors, large margins & large font size that makes it feel that way. To each his own ofcourse, I just prefer more minimalistic flat rather than the pompous ^^ Good examples of flat design http://designmodo.github.io/Flat-UI/ http://graphicburger.com/flat-mockups-stationery-items/ http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/5427194-flat-pixel-illustrated-psd-template?url_name=flat-pixel-illustrated-psd-template http://colouredlines.com.au/ http://preview.simonswiss.com/?theme=The%20Team
  4. Metro rather than flat, and to be honest not very well-made. 1/5 would not use.
  5. To me it looks very similar to the Pulse skins by Thurnip Oposto
  6. Nov

    Games 50% Cheaper. :)

    Steam Key shops Kinguin (Price comparisons) OnlineKeyStore (Steam RU prices mostly) G2A (this is the site in OP) GreenManGaming (a bit expensive compared to other shops, but sometimes they have good deals) OffGamers (haven't used them but a friend swears by them) CJS CD Keys (occasionally good deals) Others SteamTrades Forum - Large marketplace for anything Steam-related (and some not). Be careful who you trade with here, make sure they have a good reputation etc. Many good deals to be found, traders from cheaper regions etc. How do you keep track of when the games you want go on sale? IsThereAnyDeal.com - Tracks alot of different key shops, indie bundles, coupon codes, and more. Give it your Steam wishlist or other list and it will let you know when there's a deal for the game you want.
  7. There's many kinds of sci-fi. Level type depends alot on gameplay/universe ofcourse.. You didn't specify if multiplayer or singleplayer, Dead Space & Unreal Tournament ('99) used alot of neat spacy sci-fi elements in their levels.
  8. YouTube. The best way to learn about guns, just look at FPSRussia
  9. But then he doesn't get that sweet sweet $0.0000001 from AdFly >:* [ video ] also works
  10. I would rather people be a bit positive and encouraging rather than just hate on everything being posted - _ -
  11. Nov

    Best games ever :)

    Yep. Epic. Telltale Games (TTG) other game, The Wolf Among Us is quite great too. Also a comic book adaptation, based on the universe of Fables. Was thinking of it too, it really is great. Also, RIFT. Def. one of the best MMORPG there is.
  12. I think that it should be used as an incentive to get more content tho -- not used as a wall (called "social wall") to get access to ANY content. Like, in your game you could use a social wall to give the player access to more levels, or give him some in-game credits etc. Not to be able to try the game first time.
  13. Nov

    Best games ever :)

    1. Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2 2. Dungeon Keeper (if it counts?) 3. EVE or The Secret World (depends on mood) 4. Kill.Switch or Max Payne 1 (maybe.. there's many good) 5. Hearthstone However none of these are my favorite genre. RPG and turn-based tactical games are probably my favorite genres.
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