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  1. which then, his nigerian wives realized and...
  2. I could 3d model to contribute, and i can also change the textures so that they are simple. I would really like to join a skype convo with you all, and at least try out being on your team.
  3. I may be interested in joining. I may not be the best at 3d modeling and texturing, but i can make some decent things. I am not expecting a full profit split, maybe 5-10% if the game is successful. I can't use voice chat, bt if you have skype i can use text chat and stuff. Also, i have some hyper-realistic textures that i may want to contribute.
  4. at this rate, i don't know if anyone else will join, but if you would like to, please say so now
  5. I can't say that i'm experienced in unity, but i would maybe like to help create some of the assets and maybe some scripts.
  6. I don't want a spoon feeding tutorial. I have tried adding weapons the same way I do in fps kit v1.3.5, but they don't seem to work. When I select them to spawn with them, I just spawn with nothing, and I can't even switch to my other weapon.
  7. is there a way to make this non-multiplayer but still have a player mesh?
  8. How do you do it then? Can I have a script or something?
  9. I was wondering if there was a way to do this.
  10. What program did you use to make this map? I love it!
  11. but how can I put it above the enemy then?
  12. I actually kind of meant a health bar over the enemies, not for yourself.
  13. How do I could I add a health bar above enemies? Could a script be provided?
  14. OMG Thank you so much! I thought you had to attach a rigidbody to the gun in the weapon manager, but I guess you don't. TY!
  15. I am using onemanyarmys fps kit, and when I have a customly made gun equipped, it just seems to fall to the ground. Is there anything that I can do to fix that, so that it doesn't fall to the ground or detach from my character (player)?
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