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    Level design,modeling,football,gaming, photoshopping and music remixing
  1. Hello guys just found this great racing kit. Not made by me made by fatbox software. Download: Webplayer: Website:
  2. Hello guys i just found this car project. It has Realistic suspension ,but it doesn't have engine sound. Its not made by its made by Quill18. Download: His YouTube channel:
  3. Hello guys i made a concrete barrier in blender. Download: Pics:
  4. Hello guys i made a model in Bender. Its not great, but maybe its useful for somebody. Download:http: Pics:https:
  5. Request logos, banner etc Contact me skype:mrkoira123
  6. Hey i can do the level design. Just tell me what i make. Contact me:Skype mrkoira123 ps. My mic is broken. I will soon buy another one.
  7. Sorry. Can you chance this to a offtopic?? Im new here
  8. Hello everybody whats your top 10 games. My top 10 games are . 10.AC iv 9.GTA SA 8.Forza horizon 7.Spintires 6.GTA iv 7.BF4 6.Terraria 5.Minecraft 4.Super Mario 64 3. Goldeneye 64 2.GTA v 1.Planetside 2
  9. He says it is made by one man. I dont know if it is a lie.
  10. Also i did forget to tell you its made by one man.
  11. Hello guys there are great free fps game coming soon. Its called No Heroes. It will have massive destruction like in bf4, it will have parkour and deep weapon customization. It will on steam Destruction teaser: Parkour: Weapon customization:
  12. Hey guys. I was browsing internet and came a across this site: . Its a site where free indie games are published everyday.