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  1. tofoux

    Unity 4 > Unity 5

    Hello since I go sour Unity 5 I have this error, how to correct it? ThirdPerson.SetFloat("DirectionX", DirX); ThirdPerson.SetFloat("DirectionY", DirY); ThirdPerson.SetFloat("Speed",Speed); ThirdPerson.SetLookAtPosition(ImaginePos); ThirdPerson.SetLookAtWeight( 1, .3, 1, 0, 0);
  2. Hello, sorry for my english is bad. I am looking for a coder (Js) who has knowledge networking In order to network my game (With ULINK) Paid work, private message if interested
  3. http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/06/11/all-about-the-unity-networking-transport-layer/ Unity has also announced "UNET an overhaul of its system that seems to good
  4. http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ScriptCompileOrderFolders.html
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