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    Location? i dont have a location!
  1. thanks for the feedback! thats i think you are right ! i will try my best and see if i can get it right!
  2. i see very wrong for people claiming, oh i made this when they did nothing but i get what you are saying
  3. he is not done yet as you can see ! no sculpt yet eaither! but what should he be ? a fighter or solider(juggernaut kinda) or what give me your suggestions for right now he has 10.364 verts and 20,432 tris he is bas on this! i dont want him to look the same as this so! any feedback and ideas ? sorry for my english !
  4. smokey was faster with the coin slot ! i would want to see how the model looks if you make the joysticks bigger! great model anyway
  5. yeah! someone ask if https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO-cQihjVC4 could make a kit for this ! then i said he is using a kit mfps then 4 houers later he delete the comment XD and look no credits XD
  6. something that bothers me alot (maybe to much) is when people are downloading a kit ,change a texture or two, maybe a model. but then after dont say anything about who made the source code and say look at MY game. that one i see the most is mfps clones"kits" but all are bad copys , its exist good copys to but 9-10 time of every video i never seen creadit to that man who made the kit. i think thats really wrong. dont think wrong, i like premade kits, its how people uses them. whats your thougts ?
  7. bow and a arrow then would be nice
  8. I will add more when i have the time XD
  9. Hello there ! So I am back , I have not made ​​any models for a while , but now I'll start again , I try to make handmade textures , I am quite happy but what tyckter you feedback is always best : D
  10. The weird as human monster thing going to give me nightmares! its look very nice keept it up with the good job:)
  11. Look cool! i like the fence reminds me of lego XD good job anyway
  12. The gun and last fram on the animation is not the same i think
  13. When people release those weird as unity games on steam they most have a rich father XD
  14. [uPDATED RIG/CHECK THE README] Download link for the rig: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g95... There you go
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