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  1. The Blacksmith: Unique Character Shadows

    This asset uses forward rendering I need to know can I make this to work with deferred shaders?
  2. Hello, can someone figure out why this doesn't work with Unity 2017.4 anymore? https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/the-blacksmith-unique-character-shadows-39921/reviews?page=1&sort_by=recent
  3. That's not a joke! I've spend 10 years on my game I don't like anybody get anything from it.
  4. I've blocked everything by my bitdefender anti-virus so no one can steal form me anymore.
  5. Why unity uploading my game information into a google cloud account?
  6. Hello guys, when ever I try to run my game my anti-virus reports that it sending TCP (6) PACKED to I'm paranoid about this.
  7. Hey guys. My game has a big map so I'm using floating origin script and everything is good! But as soon as I create an empty and put character under it there will be a lot of shaking issue! Like Floating Origin doesn't work anymore! Anybody know why that may happen? I need to place all my characters under an empty group to make my hierarchy clean.
  8. Even mario clipping range is more than 800! for an open world game there is mountains you can't see with clipping range less than 15000.
  9. Thanks for reply. I can say GTA V shows 15000 meters away or even more! but still far distance looks nice. You must be kidding about 400! because it too low for any game. human eyes can see moon which is 385000 Km far away from us.
  10. As we know unity shadow can't really go further than 400-500 distance. So is there any trick for far objects and trees? because far distance without any shadows looks too bad.
  11. Help me with Floating Origin script!

    Thank you for help. Animations are totally smooth when character is in the middle of game world (0.0.0) ... but when I move character out of floating point area it makes animations shaking and when I use floating origin to move character back to (0.0.0) again animations are still shaking! that's weird.
  12. Help me with Floating Origin script!

    No one can figure out why animations shakes even when I use floating origin script? It doesn't shakes when character is near to origin but when it's far it shakes even when I shift world with floating origin script.
  13. Help me with Floating Origin script!

    And that is what weird because animations are smooth when player is about 4000 distance away from center. But when I use this script to move everything closer to the origin it do the job but animations are still shaking!
  14. Help me with Floating Origin script!

    Hey guys. I remember there was a floating origin script on the wiki that could stop animations from shaking out of floating point area! But now it doesn't work anymore. I mean It moves the world but can't effects on animations! animations still shakes. I mean this script.
  15. Alloy skin shader and wrinkle maps!

    I've asked three times 6 months ago but they don't care. I feel sorry why did I spend 125$ for this shader. No it works good without any problem. I just need to make this compatible with alloy skin shader.