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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZdhrsB-yodlKy3vsMjkmIg
  2. modern weapons

  3. Basic AI

  4. finally I did

    finally I did After 3 months of failure
  5. Cover movement

    it's fixed thank u all
  6. Cover movement

    i'm start on 3 year ago form simple this time to get start to complx project all code is working just cover animation not good
  7. Cover movement

  8. Cover movement

    I'm useing tutorial and add my own code sam time get like this problem and this my anmator my anmator.unitypackage
  9. Cover movement

    on cover it's not looking in right dirction it's looking to wall
  10. Cover movement

    just I need fix Rotation
  11. Cover movement

    Hi all Cover Rotation void CoverMovement() { if(horizontal!=0) { if(horizontal<0) { states.coverDirection = -1; }else { states.coverDirection = 1; } } float lineLength = states.coverPos.length; float movement = ((horizontal * coverAcceleration) * coverMaxSpeed) * Time.deltaTime; float lerpMovement = movement / lineLength; states.coverPercentage -= lerpMovement; states.coverPercentage = Mathf.Clamp01(states.coverPercentage); Vector3 curverPathPosintion = states.coverPos.curvePath.GetPointAt(states.coverPercentage); curverPathPosintion.y = transform.position.y; transform.position = curverPathPosintion; HandleCoverRotation(); } void HandleCoverRotation() { float forwardPerc = states.coverPercentage + 0.1f; if (forwardPerc > .99f) { forwardPerc = 1; } Vector3 positionNow = states.coverPos.curvePath.GetPointAt(states.coverPercentage); Vector3 positionForward = states.coverPos.curvePath.GetPointAt(forwardPerc); Vector3 direction = Vector3.Cross(positionNow, positionForward); direction.y = 0; Quaternion targetRotation = Quaternion. LookRotation(direction); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, targetRotation, Time.deltaTime * rotateSpeed); }
  12. Hi new error

    i'm install all tools android publishing
  13. Zool Devl team

    not just me all programming this AI someone help me
  14. Zool Devl team

    Hi all New I'm start on Difficult part AI if anyone wants to enjoy to my team u r welcome to zool Devl