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  1. Quantic: Advanced Character Controller [GIVEAWAY]

    You should upload a video on your assetstore because people want to see it in action. A demo would be helpful to. But without a video or a demo it is hard to imagine what it looks like :') Happy developing:D
  2. Lonely World

    Actually - my colors of my graphics card were false now correct image:
  3. Lonely World

    Hello A long time ago i posted something new. Because of my education its hard to find time for developing But the project ist still under good progress Actually iam restructure my whole project - just to clean my files i dont use and restructure my TPS Controller with Animations etc. I want to give a nice gameplay. But today I was lazy and created some images https://abload.de/img/unbenannt3d9uo3.png
  4. Enter the Lonely World

    Thank you a lot For sure, I have not only the Zombies. I do not tell on this thread due the ideas. Want to make it exciting and it will protect to stealing my ideas... Cool that you like it I can help you a little bit out. I made it by myself and some Videos of Ways to do it. So it is a mixtape. I do not use any game-ready Controllers etc. @SmokeyKilla @Rhodos32 Refer to PM to contact better... @Andrus99 Lets talk within PM
  5. Enter the Lonely World

    I dont get it. I think I can develop, what I want. And by the way, the failure rate is not my problem. I wont give up. The Project is more than 3 years old and it is in good progress. But lets stop the discussion, because the Thread is not for that.
  6. Enter the Lonely World

    Actually it is my own idea. I dont think that there are many tps games in this genre made with unity. But there are tons of fps made with unity. Maybe it is similar but that is your point of view. I will keep continue my game. My game is more matchbased. As I tried to explain the game is filled with missions. So everyone has to do something different. Not just walk around and do nothing. You can do it with your mates or alone. As It is not ready to play there are tons of things I can think about in the future to make it unique. The main target now is to build up a nicely main core with good gameplay etc... But I accept your opinion :b
  7. Hello Community, Please read the full post to understand! About me Four years ago I started to work with Unity. I started with editing the old loving Bootcamp Demo I was happy at that time when I changed the fire rate or something pretty easy-ish. But everyone starts at zero. 'Sometimes small things make fantastic moments' After about one year I started a First Person Game. I named it 'Lonely World'. I watched many Tutorials. I started to learn everything myself. Personally I made a good experience with all stuff. Some time between I learned modeling and Texturing myself too. ... and now ? ... I do a big jump, because telling all will blow this post .. The First Person turned into a Third Person. The main argument is 'Make something different between all the FPS' My highest priority is to never give up. Sometimes Iam very lazy and have no time and Motivation, but It was never an reason to stop this game. I love developing my game. And it will never stop . In my past 4 years I never gived up! ...Yes... but how we can see, that you are telling us the truth?! Building a game is hard. But I efforted much time into it. And Iam pretty sure you will believe me at the end of this post. Speaking of the whole game - which progress, screenshots ?? Just clear and short: I have no progess. I cannot tell you at which progress it is. My goal is, to release it as a playable Version, when we think it is playable. And then my goal was to expand it in some time. Some sort of DLC. But my actual stuff that I made is here: Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 And more on this Thread And you can check my YouTube channel if you want, too. https://youtube.com/user/3D57912 The Gameplay: Everyone can sign up. Everyone can have their own setup of the character. Now you jump into a network game. Your mission: survive! The game world is a bigger one. Not small, not totally open world. I can show you, If you want. In your session you can finish some missions. The missions can impact the game. During the game you can build up your own small camp with some camp fire and some other parts that will defense and upgrade your camp. The players have the choice to join a camp or survive alone. This is the first mode The second is some kind of coop Somewhere in the world is a vehicle that could be drivable. Your team wants to survive. But the other teams too. It will be an critical 'war'. The main target is to find parts to repair the desired vehicle. But that is not all!! You, your team and friends versus the other players .... and.... some strange creatures.. they want to eat and populate themself. Usually known as Zombies ! Zombies are also a important patt of the game. My focus is here to create realistic behaviour to give an specific atmosphere. It is not a simple CoD where you knife 3 times and then he is down. No, you will be turned into cinematic melee attacks.. So just defend your own ass to survive this whole world ! You can get More and more info from me if you want. Now Iam seeking. Because the World is growing and need help to speed this up! Any kind of help is welcome! Some info: Me - Programming, Modelling, Animation, Design etc... My only requirements are: - You should be reliable. If you want to help you can, if you want to leave- let me know ! Dont escape just one day and dont give any kind of message - You should have some experience. I have no time to explain everything My plan: - As it is an Hobby project, there is no payment! -You can work whenever you want -The central prototyping project will give info for what is to do. -Iam very friendly and understand every kind of problem with you if you have no time etc -You dont have a time limit or something for your work ! So this was my crazy post for this such crazy project I hope you understood it good, because my englisch isnt the best. Some info from me: 19 years old, living in germany Currently in education. I hope someome is interested. So just let me know if you are
  8. Strange Shadows or Strange Shader??

    Hello Community, after some developing I noticed some "strange" darkness on the opposite side where the objecrs been lit (Sun ). I hope you can see it on this Screenshot. the Character is completly black... https://abload.de/img/unbenanntm9ul2oqj2j.png My shadow strength is at .65 My ambient light is at zero and also my reflection. And Iam using the Standard Shader Any hints for this? Thank you Greetings from Germany Maik
  9. WIP Parkour System Unity3D

    Are you going to use a full Body character ? Because that would be an option to use Unity's IK System in Mecanim. Otherwise you could write your own basic IK Script that handles your "motion". You could combine this because if you grab somewhere near the corner he sould grab on the next edge of the object instead of grabbing in the air But that would be in the future. Try to set the Timing in those actions right to fit with your jump. But I agree with the others - a good start to go.
  10. Non-Central Aiming Test

    Stop discuss about useless statements. The showcase is actually for people who want to show their creations. Who minds that this kind of aiming already exist in other games.
  11. why my object keep shaking ?

    Hi - the problem is that you assign your target as your own transform. So your target is the own Navmesh Agent itself. That produces that shaking because he tries to reach his own position. So just change the following lines .... else { //The following lines are a bit performance heavy because you Search every time it gets updated for the point GameObject. //I suggest you to prevent it by simply checking it correctly... if(target = null) { target = this.gameObject.GetComponent<Transform>(); } else { target = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("points").transform; } } .... to that: else { if(target == null) { target = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("points").transform; } }
  12. Animation Not Playing

    Here I optimized your code and it worked for me! Make sure you added an Animation - not Animator component and your animations are legacy. But you should think about to switch to mecanim because it is a more powerful animation system. //Animation Variables var Running : String = "test2"; var Idle : String = "test3"; var anim : Animation; var IdleState = false; function Start () { //Always cache it only once! Or it would be better to drag&drop it directly in the inspector. //Dont use GetComponent in Update, otherwise you will get bad performance if you do it many times. //Or just make an if statement to use it in Update // if(anim == null) // { // anim = GetComponent(Animation); // } anim = GetComponent(Animation); } function Update () { //Your problem was also that you used GetKeyDown -> It detects it only once! //But you want to detect it continuously //Better is to use Input like GetAxis. Because in this Case you can easily use it with Joysticks or something else too. //With this code I check both Axis in their both directions using Mathf.Abs (Absolute) for Input. //I dont need to write the Input for each Key. //if(Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W)) if(Mathf.Abs(Input.GetAxis("Vertical")) > 0.1 || Mathf.Abs(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal")) > 0.1) { IdleState = false; } else{ IdleState = true; } if(IdleState == true) { anim.CrossFade(Running,0.2); } else { anim.CrossFade(Idle,0.2); } }
  13. Lonely World

    I want to show you something new: I uploaded a new Update Video - Number 17 Iam actually turning this First Person Shooter into a Third Person Shooter. This means that I have a bunch of work to d. After a little bit of spending time into those new "area" I will be ready for this. The player controller, camera and some other stuff is working. Everyone can play an another character and every character looks not identical to each other. This will me take some time but I think I will reach those results later on. Picture 1 Picture 2 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTjzBwRD-JU
  14. Lonely World

    A new little Speed Level Design Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5lyw1pULbk Working at New Teamsetup (adjusted to new Netcode etc.) The Camera View is placeholder! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18WeYlC94crSk5VZXNYaFd5Nk0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18WeYlC94crRzRzYl9QZ0ZLVGM New Shaders for a bit more quality but 100% more flexibility for the foliage and Terrain Engine https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18WeYlC94crT3pVSWN6NXVldWM
  15. Lonely World

    Why not ? I do not like to start hundreds of new Projects which makes no sense. Its my first Project ever in Unity and a learning Project too. And Iam in education - thats the reason I usually have very limited worktime for this project.