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  1. I have downloaded your FPS kit I wanna use the animations of gun like that of Scar Barett .50 etc.(some guns are ripped from cod but some are not) so May i use its anims only? eg reload?

  2. New Developer


    Hi guys! I made a simple test video of a really simple C# I compilet, that when you are in a trigger zone, will automatically shutdown the compuer. SIMPLE VIDEO TEST HERE. (If you want the C# or the project test, check out the video description.) Good for horror games and more VIDEO HERE
  3. New Developer

    Fps Arms Pack *Updated*

  4. New Developer

    Pixelated Architect 3D

  5. New Developer

    MasterDevelopers' MODDE AU FPS KIT UNITY 5

    The Key is: !cTHem2WMka9gnNGkQBfeiccQ5V9ZnSW0V64tNLwnM-M
  6. New Developer

    MasterDevelopers' MODDE AU FPS KIT UNITY 5

    See the video description for the credits
  7. FREE UNITY 5 FPS KIT (AU MODDED KIT) Hi guys, I modded the AU FPS Kit v1.5 (unity 5) Added some new internal scripts, new models,new sounds, new textures, new aim system (Render Texture), ecc. Just for fun Download latest version:
  8. New Developer

    Modern Russian Assault Rifle (AK-12)

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much for share this amazing model!! +1
  9. New Developer

    SSS Coming soon!

    Yes,will be like 15$
  10. New Developer

    SSS Coming soon!

    Coming soon on the Asset Store SSS! Is a powerful tool that allowing convert #C to Js or Js to #C
  11. New Developer

    Script Pause Unity 5

    Grazie per la condivisione dello script Anch'io sono italiano
  12. New Developer

    Destroyed Building - Sample of Destroyed World

    Really good work!!!
  13. New Developer

    Free building package

    Thank you
  14. New Developer

    Free building package