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  1. Is there anyway i can like share my screen with you? i have 10 mins left before i have to go and i really want to finish this off
  2. function Update() { if(Input.GetButton("styles")){ Application.LoadLevel ("styles"); } } What is wrong with this script? I currently just have a plain text with the word "styles" written on it. And i have a scene names styles and it is added in the build settings.
  3. *cough* Obviously im the greatest choice for dubstep.... ;3 www.soundcloud.com/aeditz
  4. *cough* pretty sure i made a script like that already on this forum , i just dont know WHY would you delete off your "Scripts for your projects" topic...
  5. aeditz50

    My Music.

    We shall once we come back from holidays , somewhere at the start of september
  6. aeditz50

    My Music.

    Or , even better. Lets all have a 1v1v1 dubstep fight. Ill make a post on that one sec.
  7. aeditz50

    My Music.

    Yh i got massive.
  8. aeditz50

    My Music.

    I dont use nexus cause i dont have the library and im too lazy , and I would but im going Poland for holidays on saturday for about a month and few days. So unless we can do it in less then 2 days...Then yeah ok ?
  9. aeditz50

    My Music.

    I never called you names , and yes I did say that one of my songs was better , but you did not take it as a joke. So it's your fault , i even put a smiley face at the end of the sentence.
  10. aeditz50

    My Music.

  11. aeditz50

    My Music.

    not all the time but mostly yeah
  12. aeditz50

    My Music.

    Please come and check out my songs. Trust me , you will at least like at least one of them https://soundcloud.com/idealdzn Thanks!
  13. aeditz50

    New PC

    That pc will have great components if you buy all of that! I have a FX-4100 (Quad core 3.6ghz) GTX 560ti 2gb asus directcui ram 4 gb And i can play all the latest games , including tomb raider , farcry 3 , battlefield 3 ( on ultra setting ) So if you get a pc like you wish to buy , then you will be ok for about next 5-6 years
  14. Fail loading! Make sure you copy the link of the correct thing!
  15. Add mine! http://armedunity.com/topic/2753-camera-shake-c/ http://armedunity.com/topic/2016-framespersecond-gui/
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