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  1. I dont think, I'm sure you are.
  2. Who are you to tell me how to talk?
  3. Dafuq happened with development? Dude, haven't seen you for a while. Contact me.
  4. Why does the signature ends with pussy?
  5. berdyev

    Best games ever :)

  6. berdyev

    Best games ever :)

    1-FPS: ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead or Battlefield (all of them) 2-Strategy: Red Alert (1999 version. Oh man, I missed that game). 3-MMORPG: Don't play that type, but I would probably say World of Warcraft. 3- 3rd Person shooter: GTA Vice City, GTA SA, GTA 5, Max Payne 2-3, etc. 4- card games: Poker Night 2
  7. Now I get more harder.
  8. berdyev


    Same shit.
  9. berdyev

    Left Alone

    Took me a while to make that logo
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