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  1. Uploading my game to the Armed Unity Games Website?

    FPS KIT 3.0?
  2. Looking For 2 Guys.

    I laughed at that title "Looking for 2 guys"
  3. Drop your PS4 names

  4. SniicKz - Wallpaper with my slogan

    One that boasts about sex, most likely doesn't have any
  5. Hosting

    Not very descriptive of what the server includes,but very affordable prices, are there any fees?
  6. I stole the pc .. and my life

    Why does your thread topic title say " "I stole the pc .. and my life" Very suspicious
  7. EZ FPS Kit PRO [Photon Multiplayer FPS]

    Man, you noobs need to learn basic purchasing and unity basics XD
  8. I stole the pc .. and my life

    Don't leave your pc where people can steal it
  9. Robotics is cooler in my opinion
  10. Karambit Knife

    Use spoiler tag
  11. Unity 5.4 stress test

    Probably using 2 titan X's or some high end M6000's
  12. HQ Sniper Rifle Remux

    I purchased HQ Sniper Rifle See how dull it looks? I mean it does look good. Had help adding a tilable texture option , meaning will work with any tilable texture and a new shader .
  13. Have you tried Googling? Looked on the asset store? Try to learn from Youtube tutorials ?
  14. Can anyone suggest any Free Asset?? For My Game.

    Try making some stuff yourself, there are tons of tutorials on youtube
  15. GTA AI System

    Try RainAI It is free, but it takes a bit to learn