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  1. This looks awesome! I wish I was this good
  2. This looks awesome!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I've been improving it slightly. Making these old weapons makes me want to create a old WW2 sort of game.
  4. And before you say, I am aware it is blocky. I applied some sub division to the base of the gun. But the rest not.
  5. I am aware this is basic, but I'm only a beginner. Soon I will probably be trying bigger stuff, Characters, Cars..etc
  6. Quick heads up, any models I now create will be posted under the blog section, in my blog. But here is the sniper anyways! For some reason the materials won't show in Texture mode, they did before, but the Grey parts are actually Metallic looking. But you can't see it in texture mode. And the reason it's not Rendered is because the Textures were not showing in Rendered Mode.
  7. Yes, thats the one problem I have with modelling. Making stuff not look Blocky. And adding small details. I tried the Subdivision but it makes it looks horrible. I think I just need to add more vertices and make it look less blocky. Not sure.
  8. I could, trying to find some guns to model. Going to try a MP5 next. UV Mapping is something I plan to try on the MP5 too.
  9. Thank you! I'm not the best, there is certainly a million times better models of this gun out there that are better than mine. Improving it right now. Want to texture it, making the Magazine open to put bullets in it. And might use it in my game. It depends on what I'm creating, if it has guns or not. Future or Present. And getting into Blender isn't hard. I just watch a bunch of tutorials!
  10. Heres my .300 Win Mag model. It's very simple but it's pretty good (to me) Not textured though, still haven't got the hang of that.
  11. TheRockeR93


    This looks so cool! Can't wait to see some more updates! Although it does seem very like "A Very Organized Thief"
  12. TheRockeR93

    Shader Model 5

    Asus GTX 750ti and works for me, Shader Model 5
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