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  1. Not really that simple. a) You are looking for a "multiplayer coder", they are mostly called 'Networkers'. Unpaid until launch? Convience us that your project is worth it, nobody will work for someone whilst has not even posted a Screenshot of their current progress on the Project, also take in consideration almost no (Smart) 'Networker' or 'Programmer' will work for free till the release of a game, who knows, he might work hard for a game that in the end might not even release. c) Show previous work? Pretty pickey for someone that has not even posted a Screenshot, nor shown information on the game. Hope you understand it's not as simple as just making a post looking for 'Networkers', unfortunately it does not work that way. PS: OMA shouldn't this be moved to the "Seeking team members?" Thread? Danielvd made a few good points for you Kevin, also Id like to note that many Unity3D networkers as danielvd said, with exception of OMA, typically use C#. If you you use javascript you will have a harder time finding what you need. Leonardo T. coder and founder of Elite Squad and my self use C# for multiplayer because there are many tutorials explaining how to make a multiplayer game. You might want to check out my tutorials if you don't get a coder and hope for the best later on. Message me on skype if you have any further question on multiplayer, shoot me a message. Multiplayer Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_wQ8Kw6 ... ature=plcp
  2. Awesome, my team just upgrade their computers. Its very helpful. Our animator has a 24gb ram pc. Its insane, 3 screens I'm so jealous! lol
  3. well here's little something for your party crash plan viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1463 Hahahha Nice man looks good. OnTopic: Grim nice work though, I only aniamte in 3ds max. Will you be doing the typical procedure?Make High poly-> Make low poly->Bake High Poly map into low poly model?
  4. I'm gonna crash this party created by CyberGameArts my modeler
  5. Thanks, but remember its all a work in progress and will improve overtime.
  6. Enjoy a little preview my animator put together for you guys and the LOF community! Be sure to check out the Line of Fire facebook page if you want to follow the progress of the game! https://www.facebook.com/RemixLineOfFire http://www.youtube.com/user/officialremixgames Also be sure to check out the Sound Desiner's Newground page and our 3D modeler's page: http://tigger888.newgrounds.com/audio http://www.youtube.com/user/cybergamear ... sults_main YOUTUBE:
  7. Oh yes he is, unfortunetlly I do not speak dutch
  8. who from your team runs masterserver on own pc? Everyone on my team can run the master server. As of right now anyone can host a game match
  9. I'm sorry but we will not be releasing it for awhile. When teh game is fully completed it will be a Free2Play online with premium ocntent yo ucan buy etc. Will you also add Download version from which we can directly play from our pc without going to browser? Its only going to be a Mac & PC standalone for better graphics and performance.
  10. I'm sorry but we will not be releasing it for awhile. When teh game is fully completed it will be a Free2Play online with premium ocntent yo ucan buy etc.
  11. Thanks man, it's fixed now.
  12. CyberGameArts is his youtube name. He is really good at what he does. Great animator great modeler. We are on a role
  13. No this is my friends work. Hes been helping me out. I'm new to animations in 3ds max. its so fun
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