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  1. Good app, for me though it needs to have Google Play Games intergration.
  2. pspkid17


    I always recommend to make a High-Poly version first and then bake normal maps and whatever you want from that, then go onto the low poly version.
  3. I'd be done to do some testing! Count me in
  4. Need any testers? I would be honoured to test it for you!
  5. Ahh very good example! Im going to have to integrate this now
  6. Awesome stuff man, this game is shaping out to look amazing!
  7. Dude no one is going to do it for you, if you really need that just hire someone then. Until then I recommend reading up on Unity OnGUI and looking at the Photon API and there documentation (They did a great job at explaining everything)
  8. I tried rotating the player root itself and the mesh itself, also I removed that and same issue.
  9. Tried all of them, nothing seems to work
  10. This is what I tried, if(Movement.mMoveDirection != Vector3.zero) { transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(Movement.mMoveDirection, Vector3.up); } and I tried without Vector3.up neither of them worked
  11. None of them worked.... Looking over a mouselook script right now to see if I can translate that for keyboard... Any of tips? I just want to rotate the player in the direction he is going...
  12. Ok, so I am having a little problem here with my rotation of my character..... Here's the script.. //Programmer: Kevin Soares // ©2014 Pytheria Interactive using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PawnMovement : MonoBehaviour { //Classes public PawnState CurrentState = PawnState.Idle; public MovementProperties Movement; public AnimationProperties Anim; public void Start() { Movement.mController = GetComponent<CharacterController> (); //Grab character controller Movement.mCurrentSpeed = Movement.mWalkSpeed; //Set speed } public void Update() { } public void FixedUpdate() { MovementController (); //Run movement controller function InputController (); //Run input controller function AnimationController (); //Run animation controller function } public void MovementController() { if (Movement.mController.isGrounded) { Movement.mMoveDirection = new Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"),0,Input.GetAxis("Vertical")); //Sent input down to mMoveDirection as a vector3 Movement.mMoveDirection = transform.TransformDirection(Movement.mMoveDirection); //Apply the movedirection to the transform Movement.mMoveDirection *= Movement.mCurrentSpeed; //Now apply speed to the move direction } Movement.mMoveDirection.y -= Movement.mGravity * Time.deltaTime; //Set gravity Movement.mController.Move (Movement.mMoveDirection * Time.deltaTime); //Apply Movedirection to the character controlller if(Movement.mMoveDirection != Vector3.zero) { Quaternion Rotation = transform.rotation; Rotation.SetLookRotation(Movement.mMoveDirection); transform.rotation = Rotation; } } public void InputController() { //Controlling input and assigning the current pawn state if (Input.GetButton ("Run")) { CurrentState = PawnState.Running; //Change state to running Movement.mCurrentSpeed = Movement.mRunSpeed; //Apply running speed } else if (Input.GetButton ("Jump")) { CurrentState = PawnState.Jumping; //Change state to jumping } else if(Movement.mMoveDirection.x != 0 || Movement.mMoveDirection.z != 0) { CurrentState = PawnState.Walking; //Change state to walking Movement.mCurrentSpeed = Movement.mWalkSpeed; //Apply WalkSpeed } else { CurrentState = PawnState.Idle; //Change state to idle } } public void AnimationController() { //Controll all animations based on the pawns current state if(CurrentState == PawnState.Idle) { Movement.mAnimationHolder.animation.Play(Anim.mIdleAnimation); //Play Idle Animation } else if(CurrentState == PawnState.Walking) { Movement.mAnimationHolder.animation.CrossFade(Anim.mWalkAnimation, 0.3f); //Play Walk Animation } else if(CurrentState == PawnState.Running) { Movement.mAnimationHolder.animation.CrossFade(Anim.mRunAnimation, 0.3f); //Play Running Animation } else if(CurrentState == PawnState.Jumping) { Movement.mAnimationHolder.animation.CrossFade(Anim.mJumpAnimation, 0.3f); //Play Jumping Animation } } } [System.Serializable] public class MovementProperties { public CharacterController mController; public GameObject mAnimationHolder; public Vector3 mMoveDirection = Vector3.zero; public float mCurrentSpeed; public float mWalkSpeed; public float mRunSpeed; public float mGravity; } [System.Serializable] public class AnimationProperties { public string mIdleAnimation; public string mWalkAnimation; public string mRunAnimation; public string mJumpAnimation; } public enum PawnState { Idle, Walking, Running, Jumping } Now the problem is here if(Movement.mMoveDirection != Vector3.zero) { Quaternion Rotation = transform.rotation; Rotation.SetLookRotation(Movement.mMoveDirection); transform.rotation = Rotation; } When this is in my script my character is all weird When I comment it out my character is fine but he wont adjust his rotation to the Movement Direction.. What am I doing wrong?!?!?!?
  13. I agree, using a big Enum will hit performance, If you want to learn you might as well do it right That way you wont pick up bad habits! Also look into using switch statements they are very powerful. Best of luck to you!
  14. Your going to need a little more then just info... What's the institution name. Do you have any screenshots or even Beta access to this so called "New Indie Steam"? It takes a lot to run something even remotely close to steam, not saying you cant do it. Just you need to expand a little bit on the service.
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