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  1. Paris

  2. (EBS) Modular Building System

    Easy Build System V1 Description : Programmed in C# EBS Is a system of modular building. It allows to assemble several objects together to create of houses,buildings,or others. 10 prefab for this version are at your disposal ready for use. However you can create your own prefabs. Features : Ready for Unity 4 & 5. Easy to use (Editor EBS Ready). Constant updates on AssetStore & Gumroad. Easy to integrate on any project. Tutorials for create your own prefab or customized. Programmed in C#. 10 Templates prefabs totally customizable. Powerful and no bugs. Video : Buy : AssetStore : Here Gumroad : Here More Information : DevBlog (Support) : Here​
  3. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    Update #4 now available.
  4. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    Re-upload on GumRoad link now available : https://gumroad.com/l/iXuD
  5. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    Second tutorial of EBS (Create a prefab).
  6. Modern Russian Assault Rifle (AK-12)

    Thank you for sharing ! Good work.
  7. The look is absolutely gorgeous
  8. [Rigged] SpiderMan Model 3D

    I think the same .
  9. [Rigged] SpiderMan Model 3D

    Hi all , Model Spiderman rigged of type middle poly. The mecanim for Unity3D is ready. This model is not of me. License : Only for personal usage. Models : Extension : Fbx Polycounts : Verts : 5,057 | Faces : 10,052 | Tris : 10,052 Textures : Textures : Diffuse, NormalMap Size : 1024x1024 Extension : Tga Screens (Animation no include) : Download link : https://mega.nz/#!wJYHVJYR!uyRG0dGEo7vpuhyinEMJ9dxeeOloA5OBJjACCzSR8DY
  10. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    First tutorial introduction for EBS available.
  11. uTime - Ultimate Time Control

    Good work .
  12. Free Weapon MiniGun

    Thank you !
  13. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    Ok i'm unmasked . Thank you ^^ Thank you
  14. [EBS] Easy Build System Updates

    Update #3 now available.
  15. Maha25 Free Models

    Good models, thank for sharing