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  1. Hi ! Thank you for support. what about other effects ? Have they any chance to sell https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mqE9r8
  2. HI I've created black hole material and want to share for you : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mqE9r8
  3. i'm going to create game full of sarcasm....
  4. Hi friends it's summer now and I decided to make game on my free time. Also my aim is to create little international studio. no matter where are you from! no matter what are your skills! no matter if have or don't have any experience! join me if you want to build funny game, if you want to make new friends, you think you're awesome! giogedianidze@gmail.com << for details
  5. Hi everyone... I want to convert pc inputs to android/wp inputs if someone knows here is my gmail : giogedianidze@gmail.com or just reply this topic. It is small job so I will pay 10-15$.. I need to convert Brainclout Bombers(free aseets on unity assets store) inputs to mobile inputs... thank you in advance
  6. hi everyone!! I have some problems.... I can't host webplayer game on google drive...please help me how to host game on google drive....I heard that google changed something... thank you in advance
  7. I tried it....but it didn't work I need script please help
  8. Please help me how to make photo taking lighting effect...
  9. please help me !! I have this problem how to fix
  10. giosto


    Asset 'Assets/Standard Assets/Skyboxes/Textures/DawnDusk/DawnDusk_back.tif' is in timestamps but is not known in guidmapper... please help me.. what is it?
  11. hah thank you I have already done it myself
  12. I made it myself but it didn't work, then I found some scripts in google but I don't know how to use
  13. Can anyone give me tree chopping script ? :/
  14. giosto

    how to remove shadow

    I can not find this box :/ where can I see it ?
  15. hi ! how do I remove only this shadow? please help me
  16. giosto

    House model

    hi , I need wood house 3D model like in slender the arrival or black rose , I am making horror game...
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