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  1. If you are using the system network of unity there are other ways to do this, you can make a script: JavaScript function OnSerializeNetworkView(stream : BitStream, info : NetworkMessageInfo){ var pos : Vector3; var rot : Quaternion; if(stream.isWriting){ pos = transform.position; rot = transform.rotation; stream.Serialize(pos); stream.Serialize(rot); }else{ stream.Serialize(pos); stream.Serialize(rot); transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position,pos,Time.deltaTime); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation,rot,Time.deltaTime); } } Also you can modify the amount of times that will be updated components with network view: Edit> Project Setting> Network: Sendrate Or you can modify by script: function Awake () { // Increase default send rate Network.sendRate = 25; } Putting in values ​​as 60-100 you will notice the difference.Put these values ​​only for testing, the higher will be loaded more bytes using a higher bandwidth and causing an instable connection. By doing these two things, you will make the move go much smoother. I hope I have helped you understand.
  2. Am not sure, but I think Cubed skybox decreases the quality of the textures, but I'm using this same technique on a project and got good results.
  3. Here is the link to the video tutorial for how to make a sky using only one texture, made ​​the tutorial really fast because I was out of time if they can give a like on the video I would greatly appreciate it. http://youtu.be/F93wzC-JzDc In the video I used a texture that I found randomly on google but this site below you will see a range of textures to use. Thank you all and have a nice day! http://www.cgskies.com/
  4. I think that does not require antialiasing effect, only go to: Edit / Project Settings / quality and change the amount of antialiasing to the maximum.
  5. check in Deferred Lighting, the amount of antialiasing is a maximum.
  6. update your Unity3D for the latest version, worked for me
  7. you are talking about The Butterfly Effect - Unity Realtime Rendering Short film ?
  8. When I referred to UDK, I'm referring to the shaders and options of the material, same with the CryEngine. Maybe soon I make available some here in the forum;
  9. Black Code

    DX11 Shaders

    Today I came to show you what I've been doing in that time I've been quiet I have studied shaders for many days and was able to make several types of shaders, I learned techniques for best quality keeping the same performance as lower quality shaders I'm trying to do better graphs in Unity3D so that a simple project it can be compared with the great engines like UDK or CryEngine; Bumped Specular Phong Tessellation Phong Tessellation modifies positions of the subdivided faces so that the resulting surface follows the mesh normals a bit. It's quite an effective way of making low-poly meshes become more smooth. DX11 Tessellation Critics are welcome
  10. you can show some of your previous work? I need a modeler and texturizer
  11. I do not put a name on that KIT yet, you have any idea?
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