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  1. Network Smoothing Player Movement

    If you are using the system network of unity there are other ways to do this, you can make a script: JavaScript function OnSerializeNetworkView(stream : BitStream, info : NetworkMessageInfo){ var pos : Vector3; var rot : Quaternion; if(stream.isWriting){ pos = transform.position; rot = transform.rotation; stream.Serialize(pos); stream.Serialize(rot); }else{ stream.Serialize(pos); stream.Serialize(rot); transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position,pos,Time.deltaTime); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation,rot,Time.deltaTime); } } Also you can modify the amount of times that will be updated components with network view: Edit> Project Setting> Network: Sendrate Or you can modify by script: function Awake () { // Increase default send rate Network.sendRate = 25; } Putting in values ​​as 60-100 you will notice the difference.Put these values ​​only for testing, the higher will be loaded more bytes using a higher bandwidth and causing an instable connection. By doing these two things, you will make the move go much smoother. I hope I have helped you understand.
  2. How to make a Sky 360 in Unity3D

    Am not sure, but I think Cubed skybox decreases the quality of the textures, but I'm using this same technique on a project and got good results.
  3. Here is the link to the video tutorial for how to make a sky using only one texture, made ​​the tutorial really fast because I was out of time if they can give a like on the video I would greatly appreciate it. http://youtu.be/F93wzC-JzDc In the video I used a texture that I found randomly on google but this site below you will see a range of textures to use. Thank you all and have a nice day! http://www.cgskies.com/
  4. Rendering path

    I think that does not require antialiasing effect, only go to: Edit / Project Settings / quality and change the amount of antialiasing to the maximum.
  5. Rendering path

    check in Deferred Lighting, the amount of antialiasing is a maximum.
  6. Fps Project error

    update your Unity3D for the latest version, worked for me
  7. DX11 Shaders

    you are talking about The Butterfly Effect - Unity Realtime Rendering Short film ?
  8. DX11 Shaders

  9. DX11 Shaders

    When I referred to UDK, I'm referring to the shaders and options of the material, same with the CryEngine. Maybe soon I make available some here in the forum;
  10. DX11 Shaders

    Today I came to show you what I've been doing in that time I've been quiet I have studied shaders for many days and was able to make several types of shaders, I learned techniques for best quality keeping the same performance as lower quality shaders I'm trying to do better graphs in Unity3D so that a simple project it can be compared with the great engines like UDK or CryEngine; Bumped Specular Phong Tessellation Phong Tessellation modifies positions of the subdivided faces so that the resulting surface follows the mesh normals a bit. It's quite an effective way of making low-poly meshes become more smooth. DX11 Tessellation Critics are welcome
  11. Anyone would like to join in my team

    you can show some of your previous work? I need a modeler and texturizer
  12. Hello my name is Jackson Medeiros,'m best known here as BlackStorm I have long tried to make my own kit and I think can do something good. I recently got a friend Rodrigo [ setter (graphic designer) Who made ​​this forum logo ] and we decided to create a company called and we would like to ask for help here in the forum, more members to our team. We are looking for Modelers: Covers modeling weapons, arms, and texturing characters Animators: Covers animate arms in 1st person and 3rd person. Level designer: Covers of making complex scenarios (destroyed). I can help Level designer (I do shaders, scripts for time, particles ..) Programmers: Covers help me make a multiplayer system and COOP (I already to make the system just 1st person) and someone to test the game Covers of identifying and describe bugs, give opnion and suggestions. Payment: the game will be free to play, so nobody team will be paid (if change of mind and the game is very good, we can think about selling the game and the profit will be divided among the team) More information about the game only for team members. if you are interested to join the team, contact us at frontenix@gmail.com or by private message here on the forum soon we will make a site for publishing the game Thanks for reading this.
  13. [Brysoft Games] [War Forces] - Multiplayer FPS

    they have my dislike
  14. Battlefield similar controls (working)

  15. Battlefield similar controls (working)

    I do not put a name on that KIT yet, you have any idea?