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  1. Hey, i need a programmer to work for free and do all the work, thanks. Thats what a read.
  2. Many thanks it worked, i just wanted to make speed and jump power ups for my game
  3. I cant get component with the firstpersoncontroller script default in unity. Anyone know why? A photo of the error ---> Thanks
  4. Looks intresting
  5. "I cant show you screenshots" .-. wut?? you just have to make a simple screnshot bruh
  6. Can someone tell me how do i repeat something like a function each X second? Till now i ve been using something like this but it is not very "professional" private float totalTime = 3; private float countdown = 3; //I used this to repeat something each 3 sec void Update() { countDown -= Time.Deltatime; if(countDown <= totalTime) { countDown = totalTime; Debug.Log("Hello World"); } } Help please, im just a begginer
  7. I could join as programmer
  8. Damm, you are good
  9. Make a crowbar
  10. Gaben pls
  11. Welcome to AU
  12. lol, it just gave me a lot of errors. Dunno why
  13. Many thanks, but one question, why do you initialize the variables in the awake and not when you declare the var??