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    #selfies #yolo #ymcmb #stylin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1ZWmHGCcEQ
  1. Klinical

    Speccy thread

    Well I have an HDD and I get 15-30 second boot times, so.
  2. Of course it's possible. Shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. Klinical

    Speccy thread

    I get much faster boot up times and navigation speeds with win8. Win7 is much better looking, but that's what skins are for.
  4. Klinical

    Speccy thread

    I read it as celsius, didn't even know you could get speccy to read in F.
  5. Klinical

    Speccy thread

    I think it's time to upgrade to an aftermarket cpu cooler.
  6. Klinical

    Speccy thread

    Let's all fight over who has the most bragging rights.
  7. Klinical

    Game gif

    dildo & pack of used condoms
  8. Klinical

    Game gif

    this post has earned the klinical cringe seal of approval you may redeem these cringe tokens at a local klini-mart in exchange for other merch have nice day
  9. I decided to let you be. Advise you do the same unto me.
  10. I believe I can safely say that a very large majority of the time people tend to give up on projects very early due to feature creep. I'm sure he CAN do it, but it's simply unlikely and not very common, and will also take a decent amount of time and investment that could be remedied by having some friends.
  11. For ~$300 you can't go wrong with a GTX 770. Depending on your RAM speed, processor speed and amount of cores, power supply wattage rating, and type of motherboard you may need to upgrade more than just your GPU to get better speeds. If you can reply with all of the above information I would be glad to help you out in picking the right GPU. Also, a better graphics card will not make the game LOOK better. It will make it RUN better. Which in-turn, will you allow you to run at higher graphical settings.
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