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  1. andyman1995

    need help

    bad pc ? screen shot your stats of scene
  2. andyman1995


    This just very small Shell script i did on my server to help me install part off lamp or all of lamp Linux Debian 7 is os on my server LAMP is an open source Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language. (Sometimes Perl or Python is used instead of PHP https://github.com/Darksleep/LampMe or http://britishpirate.com/public.php?service=files&t=495462416b36779a3cf5fd1e12a91500
  3. So find this can't think what will happen http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/no-more-web-player-support-in-chrome-and-firefox.202063/
  4. thanks once it all set up your account name and password will be sent to you thanks once it all set up your account name and password will be sent to you
  5. Thank you right now i am setting it up and testing to make sure people cant get to other people files but i send your account password and username later or you can pm me with password your username will be lcomstive as it make easier for me to see who who
  6. As of now the security level is low each user will have there own folder once they log in they get sent to there own folder they cant go any were else then what wanting to do is add SSL but if you know any more security tools feel free to ask but as the webmaster i must keep some way of access your folder only to change your details just like drop box and google drive you can all ways encrypted your files as you like rar file password them If you would like spot just say +1 your welcome to join as of now it just FTP but would like for it to expand in too full web host that cant happen right now as it cant be free and i would like to be free and people pay as much as they like depending on how good my service is If you would like spot just say +1 right now i dont know if you can play webplayer but you can host your project files and so on but i testing new thing and i will post how use my system as need thanks If you would like spot just say +1
  7. Right now there is none but if you like space in one of 15 I can save you a spot
  8. Hey as other project i am starting my own file hosting servers this service will be free for some time let say month or two it project ive been wanting to start for while now what i need is for now at least 15 people to be my test subjects for now 3/15 FTP done.. SSL doing know.. Server Specs 1# CPU Core ™ i5-3570S MainServer - online Cores 4c Threads 4t Freq. 3.1 GHz + RAM 16GB Disq 1TB Network 100 Mbps Just so you know all server are over powered for ftp file sharing but power that not being useing is being donated to cure (folding) 2# backup server - offline CPU Atom ™ N2800 Cores 2c Threads 4t Freq. 1.86 GHz + RAM 4GB Disq 1TB Network 100 Mbps Right now all user get Free Account to use as they like when like these accounts will have 24/7 online have my full support and 100GB free space Q1.Why it free A1.Am not all knowing and am only one person so i dont feel right chargeing people for this but i will happly accept any spare money this will be spent of hosting fees Q2. how much space will i get A2.for know 100GB Q3.what happens if i dont whant it any more Q3.Your data will be backup to my house for 24H for you collect if after 24h it will be binned (THIS IS ONLY IF YOU WANT IT CAN BE BINNED TIGHT AWAY)
  9. ye that was my first idea to test new project i did and got same error i downgraded to unity 3.5.2 as any thing higher dose not work and it seem to be mess up in unity as it not likeying some phones like Slll as that what i useing and cant downgrade as that mean's i need to redo weeks work so meh i lost hope and love for makeing this right now but i will be keeping eye on unity updates and keep check to see if it works thank for replying
  10. ye so what you only need it timer that will count down 5s and then turn isKinematic on or off i cant remember
  11. you be looking to freeze the object and then count down for 5s and then unfreeze
  12. so here it is after spend week on game project for android i get this so sat here looking at error and it is a Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000024 (code=1), thread 23999 (UnityMain) this is not comeing from unity it comeing off the phone it self i got it this error by useing adb logcat -s unity just to fliter unity game errors this error been happeing to loads of people since the end of unity 3 But two only ways to fix this error people said try ticking development build in the build settings this dose not work for me as i get error when error when ever development build it enabled but none when it disabled and last thing you could try is going back to unity 3.5.2 as some say this be for this BIG bug begins i am sorry if my grammer is so bad i just fort i should get this out to people who are about to settup there own android game if you do see spelling mistake just tell me and i will edit it right away thank Andyman
  13. andyman1995

    Game music

    true but he dose have video on only some of music you need put credit to the artist for other videos credit to channel name it only needed
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