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  1. Yeahahahhaahahahhhaahhaha yesss yess friend list cool coool omg finally YOU MADE FRIENDS LIST tnx tnx tnx not I can add my fans yessss.
  2. The thing is they don't have same mesh. But still It is not a big of a deal.
  3. Cool that you fixed it now you can release new update and we all can play it.
  4. Whattttt? This is not about hacking lol this is about other game site stealing his .exe/.unity3d file from his dropbox.
  5. I like page design it looks cool and flat.
  6. This might work cause if they some how manage to download the game they won't be able to play it since they won't be able to log in because key does not match.
  7. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Anti_Thief_System : MonoBehaviour { public string key; public string reKey; void Start() { if(key != reKey) { KickPlayer(); Application.Close(); } //this is to prevent hacking } void Update() { if(loggedIn == true) { www page = new www("http://games.armedunity.com/modern-fps/"); page.RequestKey; string returnedPageKey; returnedPageKey = keyThatWeGotFromThePage; } if(returnedPageKey == key && key==reKey) { //everything is ok } else { user.Kick(); message.show(you are not allowed to use our game on your page); } } }
  8. Let's help OneManArmy a bit. He has a problem with "pirates" some sites stolen his game and stuff. Now let us hear your idea on how we can protect our games from being downloaded, speaking of WebPlayer. 1.Disable right-click on page itself? 2.Maybe some kind of key that would dynamicly be generated every time your press login and if that key does not match with original one you would get kicked hmm?
  9. Why they just can't change FullBody arms texture so it looks like handy hands. Yeah but there is a problem where can you find full body model with REALISTIC AND OK PROPORTIONAL ARMS THAT WON'T LOOK STRANGE IN FPS VIEW link?
  10. Yeah sure that is half-dead, we have Viber and Facebook and WhatsApp for that.
  11. ha ha ha very funny @YoungDeveloper.
  12. 1hand= 1stBoneFromSholder,2ndBoneFromElbow,3rdBoneToHand,HandBone(main),5fingersX3bones =19bones total hands x2= 38 bones total to adjust and rotate and apply and rig and ik and stuff. It is not easy.
  13. Just to make this topic a bit more serious here is my review. Cold Bodies Darkraze: Extraction Point: Fantasy MMORPG: Scream in the forest: Societatem: I am so tired of this writing I sped 30minutes writing all this, this is just my personal opinion on each game and don't get sad if you see something that I don't like just improve it and it will be ok. Lots of potential in this games. @DaBossTMR tnx for template.
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