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  1. Is rain indie good?Has anyone tried it?
  2. What does object reference not set to instance of object mean?I am using the airplane ai script.which is from the fpskit modifications/tutorials.
  3. popjam

    vehicle prefabs

    Why is it when I make a prefab of the jeep and helicopter a javascript stops working?I would like to use them in other scenes.
  4. Oh,Sorry i thought you could do that without any fuss.
  5. I believe you should make the body destructible if you can.Because that would make it look cooler.
  6. popjam

    icons in game

    Thankyou, disabling the gizmos button worked.
  7. popjam

    icons in game

    Is there a way to make a screenshoot of the game while playing it in unity?
  8. popjam

    icons in game

    Icons showing up in game mode.How do I turn them off?I am using the free version of unity.
  9. popjam

    fuel tanks

    Because it would be a good addition.You have rockets you can load into a gun.Why can't we have that type of addition?
  10. popjam

    fuel tanks

    Why can't the jeep run out of fuel in the unity fpskitv1.3.5.Then you could have a small fuel tank you can run into with your jeep to refuel it.
  11. All I have is access to edit account.Since I forgot my password I can not do it there.Where is the login screen?Could you post a picture please?
  12. I forgot my password and it says I need to know it in order to change it to access the asset store.Does anyone know of a solution?
  13. I like unity because it has many of the features the blender game engine does not have.Like painting trees and grass.I like the firstpersonshooter kits.I can use blenders models in unity.It has voxel support with the use of a addon.You can buy scripts to make unity better.I like the unity forum.
  14. I am talking about when I hit the play button in unity.
  15. Would it be possible to add waypoints as I add the terrain to the scene in game?
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