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  1. Baking Cube Maps of Distant Objects

    Hello, I'm trying to use Unity for very large scenes without much success. I have to use culling to prevent all objects in the distance being rendered to save on performance. But this means if there are big objects like mountains in the distance, they are culled. Increasing the amount of fog helps hide this but ideally I'd like to be able to see these mountains and other distant gameObjects. My idea is this: Take a point in the scene which the camera could potentially reach during gameplay. At this point bake a Cube Map (maybe using a reflection probe) of all the gameObjects beyond the range the camera can render. The cube map should be transparent where there are no gameObjects. This is done in the Editor so doesn't effect runtime performance. Do this a large number of times for lots of different points in the scene. At runtime blend between these Cube Maps to get an image that looks like its from the camera's position and overlay them on top of the skybox. Then the camera only needs to render close objects as it is blending between images of the distant ones. I understand the shadows at the boundary wouldn't match up well and the lighting couldn't change (day/night cycles wouldn't work as the distant objects have only been baked for specific light conditions). But, apart from this I don't see why it wouldn't work well. Seems odd that I haven't heard of people using this method before. I'm wondering if this is worth trying? Do you think it would save on performance? Would the blending between cube maps make it look good or bad? Thanks.
  2. Random Business Idea

    Thanks for the advice! Very helpful. I agree with most of your points. I'll have to do some more thinking.
  3. Random Business Idea

    Great! Thanks for the response. I agree. I'd have to do a lot of advertising and get people to sign up before the initial release. Might need a blog and some time spent on social media. Maybe allow companies to post jobs before the initial release so there is something for people to apply to straight away. I'm also considering advertising to students. They might not be able to resist the opportunity to make money with little effort . I still have a couple of concerns though: 1. Microphones people own might not be a good enough quality for a lot of these jobs. Most people will be using their mobile phone to record their voice. 2. I might need a way of removing background noise from the audio but wouldn't want to effect the voice quality by doing this 3. Servers might be expensive. I'd need a domain, SSL certificate, big databases (Lots of users + lots of jobs = big databases), high bandwith (lots of uploading and downloading files), lots of storage, etc. It might pay for itself over time but its a big initial investment. Best bet is probably cloud, Google App Engine is tempting as they have free SSL.
  4. DeepMimic - Future of Animation and AI

    I came across a paper called DeepMimic: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1804.02717.pdf It's about using Reinforcement Learning ('an area of machine learning inspired by behaviourist psychology, concerned with how software agents ought to take actions in an environment so as to maximize some notion of cumulative reward') to make skeletons move around in smooth ways where they 'mimic' certain animations. There's a article here about it: https://www.engadget.com/2018/04/11/ai-teaches-itself-stunts/ Eventhough it doens't look that realistic yet, I think it has a huge potential to change the way animation works. Often to get details in animation you'd use motion capture but in the future you might be able to train a ML agent combined with some physics to adapt to the enviroment. I think it would be great to see this kind of thing in Unity. Seeing as Unity have ML agents at the moment they might be on track to achieve this in the next few years. Here are some videos of it:
  5. Random Business Idea

    Hi guys, There is a business idea i've come up with and i've been thinking about it for a while. I'm just here asking for opinions. Problem: Indie game studios (and some larger studios) stuggle to find voice actors to read out speech in their games. It takes time to find a person with the right kind of voice, give them all the details, record the sound, and pay them for it. Actually, some studios result to hiring voice actors on sites like freelancer.com, which can be quite inconvenient. Solution: A platform with two sides. Business Side: Game Developers (or video creators / film creators etc) who need a voice actor can sign up and post a 'job' on the website. They can do this through their web browser or directly in a game engine like Unity using an Edtior Window which we would have built. The job contains the price the developer will pay and deadline for the job. Also the required age/gender/language/accent (+ other info) and some sample text for an applicant to read. They recieve a number of applications and can listen to samples of the applicants voice to pick the right one (again potentailly within an Editor Window in Unity). Then they can contact the actor with more details to get what they need and pay them. (We would take a small percentage from the payment) Voice Actor Side: Ordinary people who want to make some extra money can sign up. Literallly anyone. They get notified when new jobs are posted and can apply. They can take recordings of their voice through the website or download an app onto their phone. If they are successful they can make the required recordings and get paid. All of this can be done anonymously without the company finding out more than their name. They can request their name to be part of the games credits if they want. Future: I think there is a huge number of areas this could lead to. E.g. Recording face movements and expressions (translated into blendshapes) as well as the voice. It can be expanded much futher than just Unity games. This is what I plan on creating providing there is enough interest. I have most of the skills required from previous experience. I am tempted to apply to get sponsership somehow. Maybe via a kickstarter campaign or applying to companies like Ubisoft who support start-ups. At this stage i'm just after opinions and advice. Do you think it could work well? If anyone is interested in helping I'll consider it providing you have some experience you can show me. Thanks
  6. ScrollRect items index

    Quoting from: https://forum.unity.com/threads/ui-elements-culling.360420/ ' Yea best way would be to add a 2D Rect Mask to the canvas object. this culls the children which i think is what you want.' I haven't tried this myself so can't be sure it works.
  7. Combine multiple animators into one?

    This might help by allowing you to override the animation for each child object: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AnimatorOverrideController.html I think the new Playables API would be good for things like this. I remember reading somewhere that multiple gameobjects can have the same animator but can override particular animations with their own. And with Playables you might not even need a Animator Controller as you can play animations without them (similar idea to how animations worked before mecanim). But I don't know if either method would actually provide a perfomance improvement.
  8. Looks interesting. I like using Pixlr which is free and in your web browser: https://pixlr.com/ (Its nowhere near as polished and feature complete as photoshop though)
  9. How to purchase assets with Paypal Balance

    To be honest, I don't think you'll find a way around it. I remember purchasing some assets a few years ago from a Paypal account (having earnt from selling Asset Store products myself) and I didn't need a credit card. I also mananged to buy a graphics card without needing to add a credit card. Maybe some sellers require it for idenification and others don't? And maybe Unity have changed their payment system a bit recently. I'm not a Paypal expert but there might also be a limit for the number of transactions you can do until you have to add a card.
  10. Help with Water

    If you want to use LODs you need to be able to generate lower poly meshes for your water. This might require you to completley rewrite your water system if you can't do this already. I would suggest you start by looking at something like occlusion culling. If your water is split into chunks you shouldn't need to draw all those chunks at the same time. Only draw what is visible from the camera. But, seeing as you are animating the verticies of the water, occlusion culling might not work as it needs the gameObjects to be marked as static. You could write a simple script to do some kind of pooling. For example, work out the positions of where the chunks of water need to be. Create just a few chunks (try ~4) and change the position of the chunks at runtime to be the 4 nearest chunks to the camera's position (If you want to be clever, take the direction the camera is facing into account).
  11. Dropbox Alternative

    I've got them working without any issues. Just make sure you are viewing the page in a compatible browser. It doesn't work on the latest versions of firefox, chrome or edge. I normally test it with internet explorer.
  12. Dropbox Alternative

    I use itch.io for WebGL demo builds for Unity assets which are not games or related to them. You can hide them from the site's main search which is just for games. And I think its possible to upload additional files with the build. The file size is limited to something like 500mb and limited to 10 extra files per build. On their website it says ' There are no restrictions for the kind of content you can host on itch.io (assuming it’s legal) '
  13. I am still happy

  14. Unity and Google Drive database help

    Hello, I have set up a google drive spreadsheet which can be read and written through a web app. This means I can use a WWW form within unity to read and write to the spreadsheet as if it was a sql database. This works fine in standalone build but does not work in web player build. I know it is due to the security restrictions, requiring a crossdomain.xml file which is not possible on google drive. So, my question comes in two parts: Would it be possible to host another html file and the crossdomain.xml somewhere else for unity to access? Then unity would be happy accessing this html file which would, in turn, access the web app data through a HTTP get request or something. Where would I be able to host this other html file where I could also host the cross domain file at its root? Is there a free service available for this as I don’t have my own server? Thanks.