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  1. I don't know specifically how the game you are referring to works but they definitley do not have a clipping range as high as 15,000 which applies to all gameObjects like it does in Unity. They probably exclude billboards of distant objects from the camera's culling or even overlay them onto the skybox. If you want to display distant moutains in Unity, a big clipping range is not a good way to do it. There are other methods.
  2. 1k - 2k is really the biggest you should be going with the far clipping plane. Otherwise you'll get problems. For example, triangles might start to flicker. If there are two triangles close to each other Unity may stuggle to work out which one is closer to the camera and should be drawn on top. Also, any ambient occlusion (and sometimes shadows) can look llike stripes. This is caused by the precision of the z-buffer. 400-800 is reasonable. 2000 is high but possible to work with. 15000 .... no way. 385000 ....
  3. Weird Animation On Scene

    I would guess the file doesn't actually contain the mesh in the first place. Unity is just using another mesh in you project to display it in the preview so it doesn't look like just a skeleton. This could have happened if you drag and dropped the other mesh onto the preview window or you assigned an existing avatar to the it from a different mesh. I think it is unlikely that the file is corrupt.
  4. DownFall - The Lost City

    The game does come across to me as being 'another fps'. As MyIsaak said you are going to need something unique that makes it stand out. I don't see anything unique when looking at it on your website as it just looks like a slightly adjusted fps kit. In my eyes you have spent money on a website for a game where the game design hasn't reallly gone beyond planning stages. That is just wasting money, you shouldn't even be thinking about a website and advertising when your game is in the state it is. But ignoring the game, I see you are hosting the website with aruba now. Aruba is much better than 000webhost but you still might have a few issues. I haven't used it myself but apparently speed isn't that great. It is also good to see you've got your own domain and SSL. I'd suggest you setup your site to automatically redirect from http to https for security and make sure you are using https in any links you share to it. To summarize: website is looking good, game isn't
  5. DownFall - The Lost City

    Just some advice: 000webhost is not a good place to host a website. It has improved a bit over the past couple of years but I wouldn't trust them. I've used them before and had bad experiences. At first everything is fine but if your site recieves too much traffic they'll just delete it and remove your account and there is literally nothing you can do. Just google for some reviews of them and you'll see what i mean. If you want a good free host I'd advise using Google App Engine (but their databases aren't free). If you are a student you could use Microsoft Azure (my favourite of them all) it might come with free SQL for students. If not and you need free databases try OpenShift Online. It is a bit of learning curve but great when you've got the hang of it. You can keep using 000webhost if you want but if something goes wrong you'll have to change the url of your project and host elsewhere. Trying to find all the links to your website and change them won't be easy further down the line so I'd advise doing it now.
  6. Procedural Animations

    Thanks for the links! I'll take a look. Slightly unrelated but I've been looking at this Unreal engine 3rd person controller recently: It is mainly animation based and physics don't contribute much. But the curves do take over for some things like transitions, rotations and foot placement. I've never seen anyone make a controller that smooth in Unity before. Nothing on the Asset Store can match it. Seems like a good challenge to try and reproduce it in Unity
  7. Procedural Animations

    I think its only the monster that uses procedural animations and not the player controller. From the look of it I expect he is using some clever physics based controller and potentially machine learning. If you are interested take a look at DeepMotion Avatar: https://forum.unity.com/threads/deepmotion-avatar-the-rise-of-physically-simulated-characters.504917/ Its currently in alpha and you can sign up to be an alpha tester on their website. I am an alpha tester for it but haven't had time to test it yet.
  8. Cross-promotion Inside Game with updates

    OMA is correct just make sure you 'replace' or 'update' the file rather than deleting and reuploading. You will get a problem if you wish to build to WebGL or WebPlayer though as Unity requires a crossdomain.xml file at the root of the domain which Google Drive and Dropbox don't have. If the file isn't there Unity will block your UnityWebRequests. If you have this problem you'll just need a file host which allows you to put files at the root of the domain so you can put the crossdomain.xml file there i.e. www.example.com/crossdomain.xml. (see this page for more info). As I mentioned earlier I use Google App Engine for hosting which allows you to put the file at this address). All other platforms should work fine with Google Drive or Dropbox.
  9. Unity Update Mode - Help

    The Unity documentation tells you how to change variables in components. For this case you probably need to use the Animator.updateMode. So your code should be like this: public Animator myAnimator; void OnButtonPressed () { if (myAnimator.updateMode == AnimatorUpdateMode.Normal) { myAnimator.updateMode = AnimatorUpdateMode.AnimatePhysics; } else { myAnimator.updateMode = AnimatorUpdateMode.Normal; } } Then you just need to hook up the OnButtonPressed function to your UI Button Pressed Event. This is very similar to your last question. Maybe it is worth taking some time out to do some programming tutorials?
  10. Unity 'Internal' Mode

    I was looking at some of Unity's Editor Windows C# source code. Found this script for the About Window: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/UnityCsReference/blob/master/Editor/Mono/GUI/AboutWindow.cs Look at line 211 and you'll see this method: private void ListenForSecretCodes() { if (Event.current.type != EventType.KeyDown || (int)Event.current.character == 0) return; if (SecretCodeHasBeenTyped("internal", ref m_InternalCodeProgress)) { bool enabled = !EditorPrefs.GetBool("DeveloperMode", false); EditorPrefs.SetBool("DeveloperMode", enabled); ShowNotification(new GUIContent(string.Format(L10n.Tr("Developer Mode {0}"), (enabled ? L10n.Tr("On") : L10n.Tr("Off"))))); InternalEditorUtility.RequestScriptReload(); // Repaint all views to show/hide debug repaint indicator InternalEditorUtility.RepaintAllViews(); } } The function name 'ListenForSecretCodes' was what caught my eye. Clearly it's waiting for someone to type in the word 'internal' So I tried it
  11. Unity 'Internal' Mode

    I was just browsing the Unity source code (as you do) and found something quite cool. open the About Unity window by going to: Help/About Unity (The one which tells you your Unity version and has some scrolling credits) Make sure the window is selected and type in the word "internal". It puts Unity into internal mode. You can get out of internal mode by typing the word in again. I'm not quite sure what it means but there is a new menu item added called 'Project' where you can save your project as a template (I'm using 2017.3). If anyone knows what it's for please let me know!!! Edit: You can also use it to take screenshots of the whatever Unity Editor Window you have selected using the menu item Window/Screenshot/Snap View
  12. Cross-promotion Inside Game with updates

    You just need to send a HTTP Get request to the page from your code In older version of Unity you would use the WWW class. This has been replaced with the UnityWebRequest class. The code on this page of the documentation is exactly what you need to get the contents of a webpage: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Networking.UnityWebRequest.Get.html Note that your page doesn't need to be a html file. It could just be a text file containing the information. More standard formats for storing the data are XML or JSON. Downloading an image from its url is slightly different. Unity keep changing their methods for this. I believe this is now the right one to use: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Networking.UnityWebRequestTexture.GetTexture.html It should provide you with a Texture. You can convert this to a Texture2D by simply parsing it. See here. And you can create a Sprite from the Texture2D with Sprite.Create Once you have the sprite you can assign it to your UI Image to display it .
  13. Cross-promotion Inside Game with updates

    Seeing as you won't be changing data list of 'other games available' very often and it's just going to be read by players of your game and not changed, I would have kept the information on a static webpage. Just update the webpage with the latest information when you have a new game released. I think using MySQL is overkill. In your games you just need to send a request to the website to get the information. If you have made progress with MySQL then you might as well finish it. But, you can host reliable static webpages completely free (I use Google App Engine) whereas most free MySQL hosts I have come across are not very reliable. Also, the response times would be slightly quicker with a static website. Edit: Plus uploading images with a static website would be easier.
  14. Unity is taking Asset Store too far. What do you think?

    If Unity didn't encourage so many people to buy products (sometimes bad ones) from the Asset Store they would have to make their money elsewhere. This would probably mean keeping a feature divide between Unity free and pro (like there was before Unity 5). So Unity free/personal users like me wouldn't have the full set of tools. For this reason i'm kinda glad the Asset Store turned out this way. I'd hate to go back to the days of Unity without post proccessing.
  15. MadFPMelee Kit

    Good Luck! I've started on a few meele combat systems, mainly third person. I always get stuck because I can't find any decent animations and I am quite bad at making my own. The system I am working on at the moment has a bit more potential though. I'm using a few basic animations I've made and heavily modifying them with IK. I'm using PuppetMaster to make them feel more natural and handle the hit reactions. Keep us posted