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  1. You can download The Sims 4 through the Origin store for free. Offer ends on 28th May https://www.origin.com/gbr/en-us/store/the-sims/the-sims-4/offer-selection Not an FPS i'm afraid, but I'm told it does have a first person mode
  2. randomrabbit


    The easiest way is by checking in device manager. Look under 'Display adapters' for your driver and select properties. You can check when the most recent update has been by looking at the 'Events' tab. And if it was recent press 'Roll Back Driver' under the 'Driver' tab. If it was not recent, the problem is not being caused by your driver and it might be a Unity issue. If this is the case try it in a empty project, not just an empty scene. And you can try checking the time scale is 1 in your project to see if it makes a difference.
  3. randomrabbit


    The drivers being up-to-date could be the problem. The most up-to-date drivers are not always the ones which work. Go into Device Manager and right click on the driver. Select 'Properties' from the Context Menu. Go into the 'Events' tab and look to see when it was last updated. If it was recently then you can try pressing 'Roll Back Driver' on the 'Driver' tab. If you have done one of the big windows updates recently, it could have caused your drivers to update which may be causing the problem. Another thing you can try is going into Unity in Edit->Project Settings->Time and checking the time scale is set to 1.
  4. randomrabbit


    I'd say this is most likley a problem with your graphics driver and not Unity itself. Out of interest, are you using Intel graphics built into your CPU or do you have a separate graphics card?
  5. Rather than just XML parsing, I'd use XML Serialization. Parsing is where your code takes each variable and writes it to the XML file for writing. And it goes through each line of the XML file, where your code can convert it back to a variable for reading. In your case Serialization would be much simpler. Instead of going through each variable, you just provide an XML Serializer with the instance of the class. It generates the XML file where all the values of variables within the class are stored (if they are labelled with the right attributes). Serialization and Deserialization (xml -> class, and class -> xml) can each be done in a single line. This is one method which uses System.Xml.Serialization as the XML Serializer (there are others available). http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Saving_and_Loading_Data:_XmlSerializer I'd normally use JSON instead of XML. There is a great JSON Serializer on the Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/11347
  6. I suggest you convert from one character set to another using byte arrays. character set A string-> byte array -> character set B string character set B string-> byte array -> character set A string If one of these character sets is a standard, like unicode, you can use System.Text.Encoding to convert to byte arrays and back. For your other character set, you'll need to implement converting to and from a byte array yourself. But notice that if the number of characters in your set is a power of 2 (not 13), this is really easy. For example with a character set of 16 characters, every 4 bits in the byte array can be converted to a character (and vice versa).
  7. randomrabbit

    NGit in Unity

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to get NGit (https://github.com/mono/ngit) working in Unity? It relies on some mono libraries which should be fine, but it also needs System.Web? I'm not sure if it is possible to get System.Web in Unity while keeping it working crossplatform (Windows/Mac/Linux)? I want to avoid rewriting the NGit code for Unity's WWW or UnityWebRequest classes. I am assuming there are two versions of System.Web, one for .NET and one for Mono. Please correct me if I am wrong. Which version would I need and where would I get it from? Thanks
  8. omard2000 is correct and his point about prepared statments needs to be emphasised much more. It is by far the biggest problem with your code and is much much more important than hashing. You need to protect your code against SQL Injection attacks. By this I mean the following: In your code what happens if someone uses the username: " asdf ' , 'asdf', 'asdf'); DROP TABLE 'userinfo'; " Then the query executed would have this username inserted and look like this: INSERT INTO `userinfo` ( `id` , `user` , `email` , `password` ) VALUES ('' , 'asdf ' , 'asdf', 'asdf'); DROP TABLE 'userinfo'; ' , '".$email."' , '".$password."') ; The first part will insert some stuff into the table which you don't want. But, don't worry about that because the 'DROP TABLE' statement will remove the entire table from your database!!!!!! The stuff at the end won't make sense to the server and will be ignored. You might be thinking 'but nobody is ever going to try that'. Actually ... they will. It is one of the very first things an attacker will try. They could take your entire database down and get hold of all your data and it would be easy for them. It's called a SQL injection attack and luckily msqli contains a way to avoid it: http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli-stmt.bind-param.php You can find more information about SQL injection attacks here: https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_injection.asp Edit: Just realised nobody has actually mentioned your errors. The first 3 errors are because your first 3 lines are trying to get information from a HTTP POST request but the information isnt actually included in the request. Maybe you are using a GET Request by mistake. To learn more about different types of HTTP request methods look here: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_httpmethods.asp You can also use this to make sure the request is actually a POST request: if (isset($_POST)) { // request is a post! // do everything in here } else { // request is not a post } For the rest of your errors, try googling them. For example, googling ' mysqli_query() expects at least 2 parameters ' will take you to this question which has your answer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8073278/mysqli-query-expects-at-least-2-parameters
  9. There might be a way of doing it by extending the editor with a AssetModificationProcessor. See this answer: https://answers.unity.com/questions/175931/perform-action-on-saveload-in-editor.html It's unlikely there are any other ways. Unity is great for adding your own editor tools but limited when it comes to modifying the built-in ones.
  10. Look at the reviews if you haven't already. Other users have provided fixes. They might work.
  11. If you aren't using Unity 5.6 or later it could be this bug: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/physics-dot-querieshitbackfaces-does-not-work-with-collider-dot-raycast You could try debugging the hit points of each ray to see if the backfaces are included. This will tell you if its a bug with Unity or your code. You could try creating a duplicate of each cube and reversing the normals. See what happens. Could be culling related (back face culling), but I have no idea if culling effects the physics engine or not, maybe it only effects rendering. One obvious solution is to execute all your raycasts twice. Once in each direction, but doubling the raycast count is not ideal.
  12. Have you checked by pausing it and seeing where the decals are positioned in the editor. There could be decals on the backfaces, but they are rotated to face the player's shooting position so you cannot see them.
  13. randomrabbit


    If you have downloaded it from the Asset Store before, it should be stored locally somewhere on your machine. If you are on Windows, try looking here: C:\Users\accountName\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store (source: https://forum.unity.com/threads/asset-store-download-folder.83620/)
  14. I don't know specifically how the game you are referring to works but they definitley do not have a clipping range as high as 15,000 which applies to all gameObjects like it does in Unity. They probably exclude billboards of distant objects from the camera's culling or even overlay them onto the skybox. If you want to display distant moutains in Unity, a big clipping range is not a good way to do it. There are other methods.
  15. 1k - 2k is really the biggest you should be going with the far clipping plane. Otherwise you'll get problems. For example, triangles might start to flicker. If there are two triangles close to each other Unity may stuggle to work out which one is closer to the camera and should be drawn on top. Also, any ambient occlusion (and sometimes shadows) can look llike stripes. This is caused by the precision of the z-buffer. 400-800 is reasonable. 2000 is high but possible to work with. 15000 .... no way. 385000 ....
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