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  1. Hello everyone. I'm interested to work for a project that includes modeling and texturing. I can model weapons and props for games. Below is some of my previous work. If interested, contact me https://www.artstation.com/artist/laxman130
  2. Laxman130

    Holographic Sight

    Any info on the model displayed here? Is it free? or is it ripped? Please provide details of model posted in future. Also, make sure to provide a download link if it is free to use.
  3. Laxman130

    FPS Arms (Textured)

    Link updated.
  4. Laxman130

    Sounds of War

    Looks cool, especially the visuals of the games looks way too good. Keep up the good work. Post some videos soon.
  5. Laxman130

    FPS Arms (Textured)

    @Ce007 and omard2000 : Thanks guys...feedback appreciated. @joey R : yes,it's free.... @themars2011 : you made me laugh dude...lol
  6. Laxman130

    FPS Arms (Textured)

    Hey guys, i'm happy to contribute this to the community. This is made inside Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop. Please read the notes before using it. For further queries contact me. License : Free to use in Non-Commercial Games or Projects. Credits : Laxman130 Download Link : Click Here
  7. Laxman130

    New weapon model [third][med-poly] SCAR-L

    Very well said. @FajosDEV Work more on the model and add some more details on the right side. Looks pretty blank.
  8. Laxman130

    LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    I'll start posting it soon (need more time with 3ds max)
  9. Laxman130

    Unity3d Electric Gate and walls Asset Free ?

    Lol, this is second time you are saying this.
  10. Laxman130

    Unity3d Electric Gate and walls Asset Free ?

    Looks neat and clean, will be good for free only.
  11. Laxman130

    LaFerrari - Pre-Pre-Final Renders

    Looks really amazing, great work Sameen.
  12. Laxman130

    Survivor Model

    Will be great if you release them soon...
  13. Laxman130

    An Audio Spectrum That I Made

    Post Updated.
  14. Laxman130

    An Audio Spectrum That I Made

    I'll edit this post as soon as i can, vimeo too removed it because of the background music that was playing in this video.
  15. Laxman130

    An Audio Spectrum That I Made

    Made using Adobe After Effects CS6 Leave some feedback below.