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  1. ALIVE FOR TODAY OPEN-WORLD SURVIVAL MMOFPS PC, MAC, LINUX, WEBPLAYER Alive For Today, is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival MMO. The main location will be set in a a desert with very little supplies and even less water. Survival is the main feature of this game, we aim to be as realistic as possible. We plan to introduce multiple locations, with varying weather and climate systems including the arctic mountains of Alaska, the tropical jungles of Brazil, the deserted plains of Ireland, and many more. Our goal is to produce a high-quality terrain that measures a total of 2000x2000 kilometers. This will give us enough room to introduce vehicles including Helicopters, Cars, Trucks, ATV's and more but it will also allow us to bring mounts into the game such as Horses and more. All of our terrain is created using World Machine 2.3, TerrainComposer and WorldComposer. We will be using multiple environment packs created by Manufactura K4, which can be found on the Unity asset store. A wide variety of weapons including melee, assault, and more will be introduced to the game as well. Our server stretch goal will be successfully handling up to 300 players at a time per server. PVP will be a huge, core feature of this game and it can drastically change the way the game is played. Originally we were going to develop Alive For Today in the United States, set in Washington State because of it's dense forest, and heavy precipitation. Zombie were going to be the main antagonist in the game but we have decided to pull them from the goal, well not completely. After of lot of thinking, I decided to leave zombies in the game as an option for server owners. They can enable zombies, and disable them. Each time you change this however it requires a server restart (As an attempt to stop future trolling). Stay tuned for more news about Alive For Today coming soon and remember to check out our developer page for information on how to apply for our team, we need all he help we can get so don't be shy! Project can be found on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/alive-for-today Thanks, KING. (CEO & Founder, Project Lead) (EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE) (ALL IMAGES POSTED ARE FROM PURCHASED ASSETS THAT WE OWN THE LICENSES TO) WE ARE RECRUITING Now accepting applications to join our development team! We would like to get around 2-3 people for each position so don't be shy, go ahead and apply! Currently we are looking for the following positions to fill: -3D Modeler(s) -UI Designer -Texture Artist(s) -Terrain Designer -Programmer(s) -Composer -Writer Feel free to apply for any other positions as well, does not have to be listed above for you to apply for it. You can apply by submitting your application to: DBNStudios@outlook.com
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