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  1. I guess you started the animation with the Spine_Upper position (may be that why) , you can try to add property then choose the parts you want to animate if you dont find solution , i personnaly never had this problem too , i click once it select the parent , i click another time on the part i want to animate then i start to make animation .
  2. Ok thank you, i may probably use it later i think
  3. Nice thanks for the share, but would this be ok in a legit project ? i could find a use of this in my game but im not sure about liscence/copyright xD so actually i wont add it .
  4. Im ever using some of his shader in my project and they are epic, this guy is a shader master.
  5. 50 000 dollars look like a dream, its more looking like a prototype of a game , you should really take some advice given here, take them to make your game better, really .
  6. It was due to my calling function . it was calling to much the fadeTo Coroutine ... nothink more simple .
  7. Wow never mind fixed myself ... Thanks
  8. Hello , i have made a fade script , the script work well on fade in but not on fade out do you have an idea why ? StartCoroutine(FadeTo(1.0f, 1.0f));//To Fade in "working call" StartCoroutine(FadeTo(0.0f, 1.0f));//To fade out "not wroking call , //delay and disapear work but not fading" } IEnumerator FadeTo(float Value, float FTime) { float alpha = this.transform.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.color.a; for (float t = 0.0f; t < 1.0f; t += Time.deltaTime / FTime) { Color newColor = new Color (1, 1, 1, Mathf.Lerp (alpha, Value, t)); this.transform.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.color = newColor; yield return null; } } Thanks Regards
  9. Really nice ,i'm agree with Erarnitox, may be they could split, exept that its great .
  10. Mhhmm motivation, i'm working every days on my game and much time a day, i cant imagine making my game without motivation, its a hard and long way even more alone If you are ever missing motivation then could you face some development problem that could happen later.
  11. Nevermind its not good ...
  12. Its definitely negative so, i wont add it .Thanks to everyone.
  13. Ok thank you , so for the moment its really negative , its good to know this before i start implement it.
  14. Ok thank you xD i dont want a game that give headache
  15. Hello , I would like to know would you play a game were the setence have number at the place of some letter here is a example of that i want to do . I know the idea isnt new ... Wha7 d0 y0u 7h1ink ab0u7 7ha7 ? 1f y0u und3r57and, 7h3n l00k r3al15abl3 0r n0t ... Thank you .