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  1. Its definitely negative so, i wont add it .Thanks to everyone.
  2. Ok thank you , so for the moment its really negative , its good to know this before i start implement it.
  3. Ok thank you xD i dont want a game that give headache
  4. Hello , I would like to know would you play a game were the setence have number at the place of some letter here is a example of that i want to do . I know the idea isnt new ... Wha7 d0 y0u 7h1ink ab0u7 7ha7 ? 1f y0u und3r57and, 7h3n l00k r3al15abl3 0r n0t ... Thank you .
  5. Ok thank you.
  6. The gif is just the entry of a temple, ok so 1 week for a level even if you work 6-7h / day is normal
  7. Hello , i'm starting this topic because i would like to know how much times you are taking to make a level of a game from nothink (modeling , texturing , gameplay , story ) I'm working solo on my game like 6-7h/day and its like the game developpement is just really slow I'm working on a level from like 3 days right now , i have done 2 levels but each level took me like 1 week to end The current level im working on atm This level is dark i know its normal. Thank you.
  8. ok , cg to the winner
  9. Good your script is a fun way to pick randow , im in too .it would be nice to how good the controller work i hope its not too late
  10. May be click on the Asset folder in unity the at the root right click -> Export Package , it will export your project as unitypackage (this way will take some times if you have much files in your project). When i want to back up a project the just copying the "Assets" and "ProjectSettings" folder is enough generallly , If i need to restaure this back up , i just create a folder and put the "Assets" and "ProjectSettings" backed folder in and openning the folder i created in unity .
  11. np For the body, blender normal adjust is pretty anyoning, after import in unity click on your model then in import setting, normals and tangents choose normal calculate, smooth angle choose 60, you can adjust to look sharp or smooth This shape is given buy unwarp the UV of the model, then you texture it random tutorial as they are so many and for texturing after uv map i used photoshop with texture and brush free texture free brush for normal map an easy tool Just be warning with copyright on brush and textures. Those should be enough to make a working texture After training grow your skill.
  12. Just the body , the material is in the material folder drop it on the model , also open the material when its on your model to refresh it You need to Map UV To be able to texture it, you should check some texturing tutorial.!wApn2QwC!anTphPmYx0f9K04v_bV-RZu26R8I5rFu7BifyGHyDss
  13. normals flip and for the wireframe in blender
  14. I guess your normal flipped , in your modeling software select those face and then flip or may be the model only have a hole at this place a wireframe view would be better to check .
  15. +1