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  1. Looking for a cheap web host

    Thank you but for AlwaysData , i recived a mail next time for apparently been counter the rule with mysql distant The mysql distant are not free , its a great service i know also but for pricing it was a bit high for me also . As i pay a full server 5usd/month it was better hosting another server for alwaysdata price. But thank you even for your answer .
  2. Hello , so i'm woking on my login but actually i have an incoming problem, my Free web host have free mysql hosting its great but the mail is pretty limited , 1/hour so my registration system actually is wrong by this as i have confirmation code system, for the test actually its good enought but not for my game itself later So here is my question do you guys know a really cheap web host with mysql , mail(not limited hourly) and php ? even free is good also , for infomation im using host-ed as webhost actually for those who need only the mysql part for test Thanks Regards
  3. Look so damn cool , this one is one of the project i would join if i was not working on my project , just one think on the site i read you are ever 2O teammate, personnaly i think 20 peopple should be enought to work on a game If you ever think about a probable revenue for the game pay 20 peopple would need high monthly revenues Exept that it look promising .
  4. I bought a character pack, every other character of my game are reskinned exept the 2 character of this pack, because i was finding them good/cool but i guess i will have to reskin them also Its still good to ask question on forum and getting clear answer , and with them it make me go right and not doing an error that could make the game seen worst than it should
  5. Ho , i see , i was not getting the asset flip term i guess asset flip was for me a reskin , but its less than , now i get it, its like player that are using UnitZ asset as their own , with not even the ui changed or with low reskining and sell it on steam store at 12 usd , its not really the fact of using asset . Thank you for the explaination OcularCash.
  6. skype if full of fake pple...
  7. I dont have skype ...
  8. Ok, so i would start a debate about paid or even free asset I saw many peopple that was totality against using asset for a game , Personnaly, i wont lie, i bought many asset for my current WIP and those asset where pretty good quality , i also used many free asset also , most of asset i used were mostly models , personnaly i wont tell im a pro but but im good enough in modelling , i made my arena and some environement, so why did i bought those model if im good enought to make models , for a time cost firstly, i dont have 2 years to give to a project, im working like 8h per day on the project, i didnt see much my friends also this last times (pretty like a nolife...)so you can imagine im really trying my best to make somethink good . im working solo, Its pretty hard to hold the work charge , between modeling, texturing, designing maps, scripting (the think where im still learning , im looking tutorial sometime or looking for some solution on internet for scipting ) designing UI ... Its just Horrible when you are solo , so that why i bought those asset also. im not trying to find an excuse, no no no, its not my target, im just trying to understand Why some peopple hate the fact of using asset for making game ? Using a paid asset for example is like paying someone for a work for your game, and many here also selling asset and even a free asset , personnaly i think the creator of the asset enjoy pepple use it on the contrary. Here is an example of a free model i used for my game , i just reskinned the character , she is free to use and i guees you will find from where she s comming (dont hesitate to say if you found from where she is comming ). So here is the topic subject , i hope have many answer PS: Its a serious topic , and i guess we are adult or even have the age of consciousness, so please stay smart and no troll . PS2: Sorry for the English Thanks Regards

    Yeah clearly its sad and also agree with UnityGamesRoland its a bit chaothic and some animations look wrong and as he said just changing the speed will fix it , so fast In my point its to dark also , when i make a game i think like if i was the player, i try to be the most unpartial to see what is wrong , and sometime your game is like abstract , and the scifi style will make you game public even lower and if they are nothink special in the game ... i dont say poepple dont like scify but it should have the think that will make your game liked . Imagine game like Paragon wich is gonna close a AAA moba , polished and looking really badass with a full team behind ... I know its a lot of time of work and i imagine its also hard to see it useless ...
  10. Are you using a shader or somethink , its looking like somethink hand painted , the picture as i see could be use as fan art or a loading screen for the game, its good .
  11. UI 1 VS UI 2

    Ok thank you very much for your feedback i didnt waste my money and time on the UI then, its good In fact UI 2 was my previous UI Thank you again to both Regards
  12. UI 1 VS UI 2

    Hello , i would just have some feedback about the GUI I bought a template but after wokring one days to remake my game ui, the result look not that good finaly but may be its just me So what do you think UI1 UI2 UI1 or UI2? Thanks Regards
  13. its looking interesting , i saw some video of this but i didnt try , after somes feedback from here , i will try then
  14. Longer than Ulong ?

    I dont think decimal will be good actually in my case , but i found just a simple string worked good, i have no idea why i gone on those ulong but thank you for your help.
  15. Longer than Ulong ?

    Hello everyone, So i'm starting those thread just to know if they are a value longer than ulong in unity ? Thanks Regards