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  1. Problem with getting started.

    With the tons of free assets they are on the net , anybody can start a game really easely if he is not lazy https://github.com/insthync/awesome-unity3d https://opengameart.org/ even on https://github.com/ hey are a ton of open source repo you just have to follow the liscence And even on the asset store you will find some free quality asset The hardest things is to create an original content and gameplay, you need at least a some skill . Look tutorial on you tube learn by yourself , try hard , making game is not a children game
  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    free just for the fun model made somes times ago ... just a small fix on the top to do miss mapping due to the program i guess but easy to fix https://mega.nz/#!VuBQRDgK!LN94lcgNC35CgmpD2UPR0DU1TkEz5mCeOBQp4e4r5RY
  3. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    wow much think are wrong ... uv mapping for example , you should look some more tutorials really , you want to do this , its great but wow take an unpartial look on your game .
  4. Help To move Forward of the player direction

    yeah, thank you i will try to remember , i have much again to learn on unity
  5. Help To move Forward of the player direction

    OMG its working , good , i tryed to search many example on the net (tryed some sort of script hack but no one worked), but most was return to nothink , and you saved me some days , i guess i would never find the solution , i was more trying to modify the direction or the movementDir. Thank you so much OcularCash , i feel like so much noob but my problem is solve now And im happy to see GREAT and helpfull peopple as you on the forum .
  6. Help To move Forward of the player direction

    Thank you for you reply , i'm so lost on this kit i bought private Transform tempTransform; public Transform TempTransform { get { if (tempTransform == null) tempTransform = GetComponent<Transform>(); return tempTransform; } } private Rigidbody tempRigidbody; public Rigidbody TempRigidbody { get { if (tempRigidbody == null) tempRigidbody = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); return tempRigidbody; } } in this ? or may be if you want i can send you the project base or the compete script because if its not that other transform look to be for audio , or may be im wrong
  7. hello i need some help on this script , i just want to make my player move forward of his direction (it should be easy but ... i dont understand -_-) the player is actually following world coordinate , up go up down go down ...top down view i just need to make the playe go forward when you press up and backward on press down , protected virtual void UpdateMovements() { if (!isLocalPlayer) return; if (Hp <= 0) { TempRigidbody.velocity = Vector3.zero; return; } var direction = new Vector3(InputManager.GetAxis("Horizontal", false), 0, InputManager.GetAxis("Vertical", false)); if (direction.magnitude != 0) { if (direction.magnitude > 1) direction = direction.normalized; Vector3 movementDir = direction * TotalMoveSpeed * GameplayManager.REAL_MOVE_SPEED_RATE; TempRigidbody.velocity = movementDir; } else TempRigidbody.velocity = Vector3.zero; if (Application.isMobilePlatform) { direction = new Vector2(InputManager.GetAxis("Mouse X", false), InputManager.GetAxis("Mouse Y", false)); Rotate(direction); if (direction.magnitude != 0) Attack(); else StopAttack(); } else { direction = (Input.mousePosition - targetCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(transform.position)).normalized; Rotate(direction); if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) Attack(); else StopAttack(); } } If someone could help about how to do this , if you need more part of the script i can give Thanks for the help . Regard
  8. no problem and the doc are here https://github.com/alvyxaz/barebones-masterserver/wiki and the tutorial to set up easely a server headless example, i used filezilla to copy the files to my server and putty for cmd https://github.com/alvyxaz/barebones-masterserver/wiki/Tutorial:-Building-to-Linux-VPS
  9. Look nice but is it using unity MM system ? if yes then ... You should take a look at this https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/71391 it work pretty fine on a VPS , i have myself a project base wich is based on this and its working so great on my VPS and its FREE no unity MM paid services wich are just expensive as hell ...
  10. Delirious Devon (Pre Alpha Tech Demo) Test

    look pretty nice so far
  11. Wow not even a profit share if the game would work :/
  12. Open Source Third Person Controller

    Cool , better than unity controller that i was using Thanks for the share , great job .
  13. Help

    Hello Im facing a problem, im working on my level but like somethink is missing to make the game/ambient more interresting As i cant be objective , i cant clearly tell what, i work on it alll day its like i miss somethink. The video of the game with a part of the level Deleted The video is really degraded (bandicam suck and if i record in high quality it go to 1go of size...) should look more like somethink more like this https://gyazo.com/059b854fe100187936e765f180542b8c I also know someone told me the texture specular are a bit to much so i know i have to rework some of them, but i need somes more objective eyes PS:Dark ambient is wanted on this level. PS2:this is one build level only PS3: I still have to work on some part add real key for the door the cube was for the work try, some part to rework the ambiant the underground . Thank you OK Probleme Solved i found someone who told me what was wrong ...
  14. Free to use TTS program

    Thank you , ill try this to see this
  15. Free to use TTS program

    Hello So everythink is in the title, do you guys know where i can find a free text to speech (for voice use in may game) program or tts site that i can use freely in my game with or without attribution no matter if it recquierd attribtution ill give it, no matter with that. Thanks Regards