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  1. No, it is not. However, if the game gets on Steam then everyone working on this game will get a part of the profit. I will consider that, thank you, but I didn't even try to advertise it. I just uploaded the video on youtube.
  2. 4584. Studio is looking for an experienced 3D modeller. You must be able to create high polygon and low polygon models. The game we are developing is called Tenebre, which means darkness. This is a survival-horror game. Watch game teaser: HERE Responsibilities: - Model assets that will be used for the environment Required Skills: - Experience working with 3D softwares such as: Maya, 3D Studio Max or Blender - Create high polygon and low polygon models - UV unwrap the models Other skills (not necessary): - Be able to texture the models If you are interested send an email at 4584studio@gmail.com or leave a comment below.
  3. We are still looking for a texture artist, if anyone is interested send us an email.
  4. We are looking for a texture artist that can provide textures for the environment and texture the props. This is a non-paid job, i am sorry. This is a horror game: A kid was brought in this mental asylum after killing his father and his mother using his father's tomahawk. The doctor diagnosed the kid with chronic insanity. When the kid was asked why did he killed his parents, he said that his parents were actually murdered and he hid under his bed until the murderer left. After being in this asylum, his mind started to develope a monster which eventually became real. Every night at 3:10AM the monster exits the kid's room and starts killing one person per night. In order to stop the monster the kid had to die, so he hanged himself up. The monster didn't disappear, but he stopped killing patients. There are a few people still alive in the asylum, but they are all insane. However, the monster killed every stranger that entered the asylum. If you are interested send an email at hivgames@gmail.com
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