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  1. This is just the High-Poly,i now need to make a Low-Poly,unwrapp it,baking my normal map to the Low-Poly,texture the whole shit aaand we're done
  2. A timelapsed video showing how fun the extrude function can be ! We are currently working hard to deliver a new video with the first theme song of the game,some technical stuff and of course graphics,graphics everywhere !
  3. Wipping ... The textures are a bit darker than expected but it's turned out to be great in Toolbag 2,will now export all this shit to Unity !
  4. And what is better than 1800 ? 1206 triangles Anyway,thanks for the crits,i have lowered the mesh from 1999 to 1206,i will restart the UVs tonight
  5. Well if you have a 2500 poly count for this type of objects it's really low especially when you're not targeting mobile stuff but high-end graphics . The mesh might have some animations too but nothing has already been decided here
  6. Yep,but you don't create mesh by using triangles,you use quads to ease the Unwrapping and blocking out the shape . Plus the object is not aimed to be static,the player will have to play with it many times in the game and keeping Polycount between 1000 and 3500 is a very basic polycount . As of reference,a static machine like this in a sci-fi game (let say Mass Effect or Killzone) has a 2500-6000 polycount,which is logic since the player can zoom and move near the object,so keeping a good amount of details without too much counting on the Normal Map is a better option,especially when the game is for PC
  7. Lowered the Polycount of the Computer Machine : The Polycount was 1999 and now it is at 1206 i will probably use this as a LOD mesh,more work on the textures and UVs but thanks to YoundDeveloper i have payed a little bit more attention on my topology !
  8. Both tools are have two different goals : Skyshop : Image-based rendering tool for Unity . It helps me make good presentation of my scenes in Project Silva . Toolbag 2 : Realtime rendering tool . I used to nicely showcase my work ,and sometimes i use it to preview how my materials react in a typical PBR workflow . Here is a example of my Marmoset Toolbag rendering,it's a High-Poly mesh :
  9. No offense to Chronic,but am old enough to get people point of view and not debate on their skills or anything else,everybody is talented and comparing yourself to someone else is a very egoistic attitude,especially when that person gave you some useful crits The single objects are rendered in toolbag,but all the scenes come straight from Unity .
  10. Those red lines are following some specific paths on the back view of the meshs,that why on a front view some lines seem to be unneeded : Removing the red lines/dots will add many Ngons since the back view of the mesh is attached to them . And considering the fact that they don't pass the 3500 polycount (which is basically a "normal" polycount for these type of objects) the Polycount is really low,both objects don't even pass the 3500 bar .
  11. The actual Polycount of the objet is 1990,i have added many small details because when the player is near the machine the "Normal Map effect" will not always operate correctly,so adding polygons instead of too much relying is the best way to achieve a good visual quality when making these type of objects . I will certainly try to optimize the mesh tonight tho It will be a computer/machine that will serve as a static prop . We have been thinking of adding some cool features like hacking or controlling all the computer-connected elements (light,weapons,water,pipes...) right in the computer to enhance the stealth experience,but right now everything is on table and we will see by the end of the year what is worth getting in the game and what is not . Btw,here are some pictures of the game that might interest you guys :
  12. Low Poly machine,will start the Unwrapping/Texturing phase tonight,which me good luck (UVs are mad) !
  13. That would be great ! EDIT : Thank you Taichiu and DaBoss ! Thanks .
  14. You can only use Marmoset Skyshop as a plugin of Unity,and i i think that even with Skyshop you can get some amazing rendering like this video Actually what i wanted to do is just export this thread to the WIP section,because i will have to update/answer only one thread and it could be great Anyway,will check all this stuff when i have the time . Thanks .
  15. Haha,every artist hates Unwrapping I've tried once to work with texture painting on Mari/Mudbox,but the workflow is clearly not that simple and you need to masters those tools very well to get something presentable :/
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