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  1. I wonder how long until they try to to a remaster lolol
  2. LMAO Kriss Kross hahahaha. This was more proof of concept with a few editing lanes. Also giving my 1080 a run for it's money with stacking image effects.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaikisG0Pu4 Made a break dance sequence while messing around with 5.4. Beat courtesy of Big French (Mad Bull Productions). Yes yes ya'll.
  4. Have a small side project in need of a few models and animations for our already rigged models. Please send me private message if you are interested with your rate and any pics of previous work.
  5. Last 24 hours for Pay What You Want on IndieGameStand https://indiegamestand.com/deal/
  6. I should also mention is is for Abled Gamers charity as well. Support good games and good causes!
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that Thieves Guild Tycoon is the Featured Game on IndieGamesStand: https://indiegamestand.com/deal/#details It's currently pay what you want and a bunch of my other games come bundled with it - Clumsy God, Catapult Punishment and Mancala Madness - for beating the bonus. Thanks for the support everyone!
  8. Version 1.3 is now live. Don't forget to grab the update. Many tweaks, fixes, and new soundtrack to boot!
  9. I need a fast/reliable 3d modeler. That about says it all.
  10. Just released Catapult Punishment. It's 75% off during the launch sale (only 49 cents). https://billyslang.itch.io/catapult-punishment I enjoyed the shit out of making this one.
  11. Version 1.1 is now live. Also the price has dropped for the Easter Weekend Bundle! Any Let's players should also hit me up. Cheers, Slang
  12. Let me start off by saying the positive response this game has been getting is overwhelming! Ok - I am adding a new first-person dungeon-crawl module to Thieves Guild Tycoon to add more to the mayhem! Sweet pixel artists should reach out to me if they can. I need to take some of the workload off of myself!
  13. Working on new logo, more enemies, and new towers.
  14. Gamad! It's Billy Slang from Youtube! So glad you are on this forum now! I probably would have noticed if I hadn't been under a rock lately working on so many games. Keep up the good work bud!
  15. Thank you too! Here is a gallery of screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/B8tZu
  16. Thanks! Adding more and more every day!
  17. So proud to announce the release of my latest game - Thieves Guild Tycoon https://billyslang.itch.io/thievesguildtycoon Link to trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnm0vnBDlhg I hope you guys enjoy this one. I absolutely fell in love with it while making it. As one guy I can only hope it shows. Cheers, Billy Slang
  18. Love the computer AI. Is this free for commercial use as well? Looks like a great starting point for the chess game I always wanted to make.
  19. Free only for evaluation purposes and limited features. There are free apps for ios and android that do this.
  20. I see someone is getting you a new rigged version. Let me know if you still need help with this. It's a very robust system that, with a little work, can be extended quite nicely.
  21. No mecanim ouch. What causes unity to not recognize it as humanoid?
  22. I think separating the player manager and the enemy manager is the way to go. Having public bools as to whether you could spawn teammates would make things easy and making them singletons would keep them alive through the World Scene or a battle scene. You could always have the script on the enemy (in world scene) link to a premade level that only needs to look to the player manager to spawn the correct teammates.
  23. Do they come rigged? How would you take the player you made and put him in game as an NPC or PLayer?
  24. How hard would it be to create a battle manager for a world map? Maybe a script or something you attach to an enemy that keeps track of what to spawn in a battle when you encounter. This kit looks great but its just one of what would supposedly be many more battles. Seems like an excellent workflow if the battle manager for world map could be achieved.
  25. BillySlang

    3d sprites

    I wasnt aware the camera could switch in paper mario.
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