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  1. Uhmm, ok? Why not just make the wood appear at the start of the game? O.o If you mean to press a button at the window and the planks appear then just make a script where you enter a trigger and a GUITexture comes up saying "press blah blah" and then make the wood appear, do that by making the wood start off hidden (or not active) then just make the script activate it. If you can't script that then you're a beginner and if you're a beginner you're not going to find much help here, this isn't really the place for beginners, that's why no one helps out with things here and there. OMA places up his work and says work with it, if you're experienced with Unity you can make the next CoD game So yeah, good luck with finding a team and making your game.
  2. SteveBenz

    COD kit

    where you found this PayPal link? @tylerdurden viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2005 From the fps kit download 1.2 it says donate underneath. I clicked and copy and pasted the link. I'm not trying to scam him... Hahaha OMA is like Wtf!?!?! nice one haha Not bad, that gun is good for a beginner but isn't the barrel a bit wide? (also not long enough) just looks like a fat USP keep going with your work
  3. Kids these days, it's not hard if the model is .max then you can just import the max into unity and the animations will come with it Next step is adding the model in-game and get it appearing, then do the animations which you should learn From looking at the already made weapons, improvise a little bit.
  4. nice but why does it say textured in brackets?
  5. sorry for raising this dead thread but its important... I rigged a model to the guy in the main project and after that I threw my rigged person and deleted the bip01 of the other guy because after that I moved mine in their and I know I had to re place the variables in and I did so everything works fine but when I use the weapon like aim or shoot the body stops using locomotion and all the animations stop besides shooting or aiming, the spine 1 then starts spinning out of control when I move, anyone know why? Need any more details then let me know
  6. how can I change the depth of field?
  7. the weapon dont fire dont work the project yes it does, it works fine
  8. I found out the problem, my FPSWalk was screwing around with the animations I stopped it from controlling the weapon animations and now it works fine. See, together we pulled through!
  9. Dude, I'm not your average "I tHiNk I cAn gAmE MaKe. OoPs iT DoEsNt wOrK WhY?!!?!" It is probably not your script but I have no idea why it is messing up If you want I can stop bugging you and I will try to fix it myself (using the help you have provided) and then when I fix it I will say it here. All you had to say was "I don't know but my script works fine it is probably the way your game is setup." Thank you for your help.
  10. fire animation doesnt work, I put it in the same place you did. also for the aiming I tried to move the gun to the camera, you described moving the camera to the gun, I don't see why that would be and I also cannot really do that seeing that my camera is the whole parent of the whole player. Moving the camera would move the collider and everything would screw up I fixed something and now when I start the game I can aim properly and shoot but when I start walking the animation screws up and keeps repeating as stated above
  11. I can't seem to add a fire animation anywhere, is it possible?
  12. yea I did that, it works until I try shooting or walking and then after that no matter how many times I try it will repeat the animation till I restart. I put it in as Weapon.animation.Play("zoom");
  13. does this have to be on a GameObject? As far as I know the GameObjects like cubes and stuff they don't stay in the right position when you change the resolution so is it possible to fix that?
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